Jackée Harry is at Kimberly Elise’s Service in OWN’s ‘Carole’s Christmas’ Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

This holiday season, OWN is bringing viewers plenty of original films to satisfy those who are captivated by Christmas spirit, including with Carole’s Christmas.

Starring Jackée Harry and Kimberly Elise, this holiday tale is set to premiere Friday, November 22 on the network. Elise portrays the titular Carole Jordan, a businesswoman who is overworked, but she’ll learn that powerful and age old lesson — “be careful what you wish for.”

When she wishes aloud that she hoped to take a different path in life, her desire is granted and her world turned upside down. During her wacky journey, Carole’s only confidante is Harry’s Iris whom she recognizes from her “past life.”

No longer having time for what mattered most in her life — family, friends and her annual Christmas party — Carole learns to be grateful for what she had before her wish was granted. Luckily, TV Insider has a sneak peek at the film in an exclusive clip above.

Watch as Iris arrives at Carole’s “new” home to pick her up for work and the confusion sets in. Carole is taken aback by the vehicle’s in her driveway, the large house she seems to be inhabiting and even more.

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Don’t miss how it all comes together when Carole’s Christmas airs Friday on OWN.

Carole’s Christmas, Premieres Friday, November 22, 9/8c, OWN