First Look at Brandon Routh’s Superman Suit in ‘Crisis’ Crossover (PHOTO)


Red undies. Grey temples. White hot.

The CW has just dropped our first look at Brandon Routh in the Superman getup he’ll be sporting in the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover and yeah, we’re into it.

As it was revealed during Arrow‘s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Routh — who had his breakout role as the Man of Steel in 2006’s Superman Returns — will be playing the older Superman from 1996’s DC Comics miniseries, “Kingdom Come,” an Elseworlds tale set in a grim alternate future where Supes has quit heroing after The Joker’s murder of Lois Lane.


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Can’t reveal much about #Superman in the #CrisisOnInfiniteEarths #Crossover… but I can reveal that I’ll be in a different suit. 😉 Designed after #AlexRoss’ #KingdomCome. @thealexrossart 👏🏻 ———— From #ArrowPanel today with @marcguggenheim

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Now, we get a complete look at Routh’s latest take on Kal-El, who is clearly keeping it tight in his later years.

Routh is slated to exit his role as Ray Palmer on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow later this season, along with wife and costar Courtney Ford (Nora).

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Yesterday, he previewed today’s full image with a shadowy Instagram shot taken while the modified costume was being prepped. The spit curl alone is enough to do our superhearts proud.


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#ReturningSoon #StayTuned #SuperSuitVFXScan

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Given that we have two Lois Lanes (Elizabeth Tulloch and Erica Durance) and at least three Supermen (Routh, Tyler Hoechlin and Tom Welling) lined up for the TV Crisis, it’s anyone’s guess how this is all going to shake out. The Crisis comic-book storyline ended with the DC multiverse being condensed into a single Earth, resulting in the deaths of countless characters whose stories existed on alternate timelines, so it is very possible that we will see more casualties than just the much-predicted demise of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

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