Even Kelly Clarkson Wants Netflix to Save ‘Lucifer’

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If you’re upset that Lucifer Season 5 is going to be the last one, you’re not alone.

Kelly Clarkson recently discovered the drama and fell in love with it after she “obsessively watched three seasons in four days,” she shared in a video on Instagram. “I’m upset because it took me forever to catch on to this show because I have four children and a lot of jobs and a lot going on,” she said.

However, she also just learned that it’s ending with its next season, and she’s asking Netflix to bring it back for more. “Here’s what happens. I get on a show late in the game, and it’s amazing, and then people end up going, ‘Oh, it’s over, and it’s canceled,’ and I’m like, ‘why?’ and I’m mad about it,” Clarkson continued.

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She went on to praise the show, calling it “awesome” and the Season 4 finale, in which Lucifer (Tom Ellis) left Chloe (Lauren German) behind to rule over Hell, “so good and sad.” She also wants the cast on her new talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show.

She ended her video with a request for Netflix: “Do me a solid and continue this greatness.”


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A #SaveLucifer campaign is what led to Seasons 4 and 5 on Netflix. However, as showrunner Ildy Modrovich shared in June, “a fight won’t change things right now.”

“We spoke to our partners at Netflix and Warner Bros., and you should all know TREMENDOUS care and consideration was put into making this decision,” the statement read. “We’re all beyond grateful that they gave us this new life in the first place. AND a chance to give this story the ending it deserves.”

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Lucifans will get to see what happens next after the Season 4 finale cliffhanger.

Lucifans, including Clarkson, have 16 more episodes to look forward to from the Netflix series.

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