‘Dog’s Most Wanted’ Sneak Peek: Dog & Beth Chase Willie Boy (VIDEO)

WGN America

Duane “Dog” Chapman, wife Beth, and their team of hunters, “The Dirty Dozen,” are on the hunt for a fugitive in the next Dog’s Most Wanted.

And it results in a car chase, as seen in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday’s episode. In the episode, “Chasing Willie Boy,” Dog and his team enlist Kaleo’s childhood friend to help with the hunt.

It’s the first night on the hunt for William Duarte IV, a.k.a. Willie Boy, who’s wanted for reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, and criminal contempt. Thanks to a tip from an informant, they not only know where he is, but they’re in pursuit.

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Plus, watch an exclusive sneak peek from the series premiere.

But are there any kids in the car with him? Watch the clip below to see how the chase goes.

Along with the “Dirty Dozen,” Dog and his wife go on a cross-country manhunt to track down a carefully curated list of Dog’s Most Wanted fugitives. The new series also follows their most difficult fight as Beth bravely fights and tragically loses her battle with cancer.

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