Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman’s 3 Things to Know About ‘Dog’s Most Wanted’ (VIDEO)

WGN America

Duane “Dog” Chapman, who spent four decades hunting bail jumpers — a perilous way to earn a living that was chronicled on A&E’s popular Dog the Bounty Hunter and CMT’s Dog and Beth: On the Hunt — is back on the trail!

In WGN America’s Dog’s Most Wanted, he’s cuffing some of the country’s most dangerous fugitives, and he’s searching with more conviction than ever.

Keep the following in mind.

Higher stakes mean better equipment

Chapman’s targets include elusive names on any police blotter (“We’re going after people accused of sexually assaulting children or attempted murder,” he says), so the old dog is using new tricks. Drones and night-vision equipment come in handy in the premiere episode’s search for a criminal with 68 counts against him (including domestic abuse and fraud). “Al Capone didn’t have [that many],” Chapman volunteers.

Watch an exclusive clip of Chapman introducing everyone to the crew working to catch those targets:

One fight matters most

The show spares nothing in covering Beth Chapman’s final battle against cancer. (She passed away June 26 at age 51.) Scenes of Dog with his longtime love, both in the field and at the hospital, are harrowing. “She’s there with me now constantly,” he says. “I feel her all the time.”

Beware the Dog’s bite

Given the swirl of emotions he experiences, Chapman ends the 10-episode season collaring criminals for reasons of justice and personal therapy. The finale features Beth’s memorial service — plus a bounty hunt. As Chapman told producers, “‘I have to go get this guy. I gotta get [Beth’s death] off my mind.'”

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Dog’s Most Wanted, Series Premiere, Wednesday, September 4, 9/8c, WGN America