‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Episode 11: Caelynn Chooses Between Dean & Connor (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

We’re nearing the end of this season of Bachelor in Paradise, which means soon we’ll find out who will walk away an engaged couple and who will just… walk away. The suspense is killing me, so let’s dive right in to see which couple is one step closer to eternal bliss a spike in Instagram followers.

Read on for all of the highlights from Episode 11.

Caelynn chooses between Dean and Connor

We left off last episode with Dean’s unexpected, mustache-less return to Paradise with a big question for Caelynn. No, not *that* question — but kind of close. He asked if she would leave the show with him and ride off into the sunset in his glorious van.

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Naturally, ABC made us wait to find out that answer and tonight we learn that Caelynn’s a bit torn. She talks with Connor and his surfer voice tells her that he wants to like, beeeee wiiiiith her and that Dean doesn’t deserve a shot with her because he left. But now he’s back, so… great argument, Connor?

After a lot of back and forth, Caelynn finally comes to the conclusion that Dean and his van > Connor and his vocal fry, so Caelynn packs her bags and ships on out of there with Dean. Bye, kids!

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Katie and Chris’ one-on-one

Katie’s having a hard time with Chris not opening up as much as she’s used to, so when they get the one-on-one date card, it couldn’t come at a better time.

On the date, Katie confronts Chris about not giving 100 percent. He admits that he’s only here for Katie, but he’s struggling to open up his heart fully because he’s been “burned” in the past.

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“I want to feel that. And I’m starting to feel that. It’s exciting to me. You’re exciting to me,” he tells her.

Katie feels like this conversation has helped them take “five steps forward” as a couple and feels optimistic about their future together. Yay for Chris and Katie.

Revian shows up

A last minute arrival shows up in Paradise and no one has any clue who she is. Revian went home night one on Colton’s season but she’s back on the beach for her second shot at love. She asks Connor out on a date and he accepts, but not before unloading all of his Caelynn baggage. Perhaps Revian’s what he needs to get his mind off of the one that ran away to the van.

Demi and Kristian hit a roadblock

So, Demi and Kristian are apparently polar opposites when it comes to PDA — Demi is more reserved and Kristian is a bit more touchy. Demi reveals that she’s been struggling to be more physically affectionate because she’s still not fully comfortable with being public about her sexuality, but she’s “trying to get there” for Kristian’s sake.

To make matters worse, Demi’s been noticing that Kristian has been flirtatious with the other women on the show, which has caused some “resentment.”

On their one-on-one date, Demi confronts Kristian about her feelings, telling her she “doesn’t like it” when she’s touchy with other people and it could be a “dealbreaker” for her.

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Kristian defends her actions, saying she’s just an affectionate person and she only has an attraction for Demi — not anyone else on the show.

Demi breaks down and tells Kristian that she feels like she’s “not enough” because she can’t be more physical with her.

“You are enough. You are everything to me. I am content. More than content,” Kristian says. “I’m going to make efforts to make you feel the most comfortable in all scenarios.”

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John Paul Jone has a surprise for Tayshia

Because Tayshia never went to her high school prom (and, let’s be honest, JPJ is friggen smitten for her), he decides to surprise her with a Paradise prom.


In reality, Paradise prom is just one of the day beds on the beach decorated with balloons and some questionable punch, but hey it’s the thought that counts. JP invites the rest of the cast down onto the beach to dance alongside them. Feels like high school.

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Kristina breaks Blake’s heart

So after weeks of back and forth, Blake decides that Kristina is the chosen one he wants to pursue. Marriage, babies, the whole nine. He gives her a date card and invites her to the tree house for some alone time. But once they talk, Kristina drops the bomb on Blake that she “can’t get there” with him.

“It would be misleading of me to continue these things,” she tells him.

Blake feels blindsided by her confession because she’s been acting interested. Kristina breaks down in tears telling him that she wanted him to find love.

After breaking his heart, Kristina decides to remove herself from Paradise. While it’s sad to watch Blake shed some man tears, I can’t help but wonder if this is karma in the works…

Blake also says goodbye to Paradise after realizing that there aren’t any women that he hasn’t already slept with at Stagecoach left on the beach.

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