Who Gets Engaged on 'Bachelor in Paradise'? Ranking the Likelihood of 7 Couples (PHOTOS)

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Bachelor In Paradise

Chase & Angela

Angela and Chase seem happy, but they only got together in Week 5. There’s a possibility they’ll stay together post-Paradise, but it wouldn’t make sense for them to get engaged so quickly.


Blake & Kristina

Blake declared his feelings for Kristina in Week 5 — and even turned down a date to prove his point! — but they’re nowhere near getting engaged. In fact, Kristina’s not even sure she wants to be with Blake in the first place. If these friends with benefits are going to work romantically, they have to take it slow.


John Paul Jones & Tayshia

The jury’s still out on Tayshia and John Paul Jones’s relationship. JPJ is clearly into Tayshia and wants to commit to her, but Tayshia’s a bit more reluctant. We don’t think an engagement is on the horizon for these two, but honestly, you never know when it comes to the John Paul Jones.


Nicole & Clay

Clay and Nicole appear to be on sturdy ground, but Clay’s ex Angela joining Paradise has really thrown him (and Nicole) for a loop. Nicole seems to be ready for an engagement, but we get the feeling that Clay’s a bit more hesitant about the relationship. As of right now, we’d say there’s a 50 percent chance these two get engaged.


Katie & Chris

Not only are Katie and Chris officially boyfriend and girlfriend, they’re already talking about having kids together! These two went through a bit of a rough patch, causing Chris to go on that date with Jen, but there’s no doubt they’re committed to one another now. While we wouldn’t be surprised if a proposal didn’t happen just yet, we also wouldn’t be surprised if it did.


Dylan & Hannah

These two are getting engaged, we’re calling it here! In fact, Dylan would’ve proposed to Hannah on Day 1 if he could have. Despite Hannah’s uncertainty about Dylan in the beginning, they have been one of the strongest couples on Paradise. Hannah has finally committed herself to Dylan, so an engagement would just make sense at this point.


Demi & Kristian

Demi and Kristian are not only the first same-sex couple to be on Paradise, they could very possibly be the first same-sex couple to get engaged on Paradise. They’re already saying ‘I love you’ to one another and they had history prior to coming onto the show. They know each other so well and seem very serious about one another.

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Bachelor in Paradise is wrapping up soon, which means we probably have a few engagements happening on the horizon.

While some people on the show aren’t in relationships — we see you Sydney, Matt, Haley, and Luke — others are very much coupled up. 

In the gallery above, we're ranking the remaining pairs in order from least to most likely to get engaged at the end of Paradise.

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