Derek Peth Defends Himself After ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Feud With John Paul Jones


There are two sides to every story — and now, Derek Peth is telling his.

Following accusations from Bachelor in Paradise co-star John Paul Jones that Derek uses his fame to manipulate and take advantage of women, the banker has taken to his podcast (yes, he has a podcast — didn’t you know?) to set the record straight.

“Even just to say something like, ‘You take advantage of women,’ that is super messed up,” he said on The Betchelor Podcast, adding that it’s difficult to take anything JPJ says seriously. “Everything we know about [Derek] is the complete opposite.”

On Tuesday night’s episode, John Paul Jones started spreading rumors about Derek, claiming that he’s using the show to promote his podcast and saying that he wants to protect Tayshia Adams from someone like Derek. The blonde-haired stud had been pursuing Tayshia for weeks and was admittedly hurt when she accepted a rose from the 32-year-old at the previous rose ceremony.

“He’s feeling rejected so it’s a tactic,” Derek’s co-host, Kay, added. “I don’t think he has anything against you except for the fact that he is feeling rejected by the girl that he wants and he’s like, ‘You know what? I’m gonna drag him down and I’m gonna do it in whatever way I can.'”


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Derek had a difficult time getting a word in while JP berated him several times throughout the episode, and every time he attempted to speak, he was hit with the iconic line, “Don’t insult my intelligence.”

On the podcast, Derek couldn’t help but laugh about the moment, saying “There was no insult to anyone’s intelligence. It was just my attempt to even speak in any sense, to even just have a conversation with him.”

Regardless, JPJ remained adamant about his accusations, claiming Derek told him that he “reaches out to his fans and takes advantage of them sexually.”

“I have been in this [Bachelor] world for three years,” Derek said. “This would’ve come out if there were any facts about what he said. Sorry podcast listeners, I’ve never slept with a podcast listener.”

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