‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2019 Episodes 9 & 10: Dean Makes His Big Return (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

John Paul Jones and Derek Peth got into a screaming match at Chris and Krystal’s wedding last week, and the drama between those two continued this week on Bachelor in Paradise Week 5.

From their love triangle with Tayshia, to Angela’s arrival, to Dean’s shocking return, so much went down on September 2 and 3’s episodes.

Read on for all of the highlights from Episodes 9 and 10.

Night One

Angela’s Arrival Rattles Clay

Buckle up, Clay… your ex-girlfriend is now in Paradise. Angela arrives on the beach, which naturally stresses both Clay and Nicole out, who are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Clay doesn’t understand why she’s come to Paradise in the first place, while Nicole is anxious about Clay leaving her to go back with Angela.

“Why would you want to throw yourself into this situation where we see each other every day dating other people, interact with each other. Do you know how hard that is?” Clay tells Nicole and Derek following Angela’s arrival.


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Though the group wonders about Angela’s intentions, she ends up asking Mike out on a date. Mike asks Angela why she decided to go on Paradise and she tells him she’s ready to move on.

“If he deserves to be here and he’s ready, why would I not [be ready]? I don’t want there to be a double standard.”

Unfortunately for Clay, Angela and Mike have a connection and it doesn’t look like she’ll be leaving anytime soon.

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Haley Breaks Down

Following her date with John Paul Jones last week, Haley is starting to catch some real feelings. “I definitely have a big fat crush on John Paul Jones,” she says.

Unfortunately for Haley, John Paul Jones is focused on Tayshia and only wants to be with her. The problem? He hasn’t told Haley about his interest in Tayshia.

Haley hears about John Paul Jones’s feelings for Tayshia from Derek, which catches her by surprise.

She confronts John Paul Jones and asks him about the Tayshia situation. John Paul Jones apologizes for not telling her sooner and admits that while they have a connection, his feelings for Tayshia are stronger.

“I’ve been single for so long and you can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with me. Why doesn’t anyone ever want to date me?”

Later in the night, Haley confronts John Paul Jones over why he wasn’t more honest with his feelings. Haley breaks down, but John Paul Jones doesn’t seem to feel any remorse.

The Love Triangle Continues… And Then Ends

John Paul Jones confronts Derek over his “relationship” with Tayshia — here we go again! — and Derek handles himself like a champ.

“You don’t get to tell me what to do, you don’t get to tell Tayshia what to do, you don’t get to tell anybody here what to do,” Derek says during their argument.

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Everyone can hear them arguing, including Tayshia, who’s clearly upset over these two men fighting over her. At this point, because of all the drama, Tayshia is ready to move on to somebody new.

Though John Paul Jones thinks he’s trying to win back Tayshia’s heart, he’s really just creating more of a rift between the pair.

Back on the beach, Tayshia confronts John Paul Jones over his antics. John Paul Jones reveals how much he likes Tayshia — and sheds a few tears — but Tayshia still isn’t sure about this love triangle she’s found herself in.

Tayshia pulls Derek aside and reveals it’s just not going to work out between them. Can Derek catch a break?! It’s a hard conversation, but Tayshia believes it’s important to tell Derek ahead of the rose ceremony.

Following the breakup, Derek decides to leave Paradise for good.

“It just seems like when I finally click with somebody, they run away. All I want is somebody who’s ready to reciprocate when I start to care. It just hurts.”

Night Two

Clay & Angela Have A Face-To-Face

Clay’s still struggling with Angelea’s presence on Paradise. He says he doesn’t have feelings for her anymore, but it’s hard for him to watch her connect with Mike.

Chase McNary arrives on Paradise — he was on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette — and he makes it very clear to Chris Harrison that he’s here for Angela.

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Chase asks Angela out on a date, and no one is happier than Nicole. Not only does she not want Angela around, she wants Clay to stop obsessing over his ex.

“I think Nicole is amazing, but it’s tough for me now because I know the rest of Paradise I’m probably going to be dealing with watching my ex-girlfriend date people…seeing her, right next to me when I’m with my girl. That’s not something I signed up for, Angela signed up for that,” Clay reasons.


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Clay reveals if he knew Angela was going to be joining Paradise, he wouldn’t have come in the first place.

Though it should’ve happened way sooner, Clay finally pulls Angela aside and the two have a chat about their current situation. The pair kind of argue while discussing their past relationship issues, but they put their differences aside and agree to move forward.

“I’m glad we had this talk. It was very difficult, but I hope you find what you’re looking for,” Clay states.

Time For A Rose Ceremony

It’s another week, which means it’s time for another rose ceremony. Nicole obviously gives her rose to Clay, Angela gives her rose to Chase, Kristian to Demi, Hannah to Dylan, Katie to Chris, Haley to Luke, Caelynn to Connor, Sydney to Matt, Tayshia to John Paul Jones, and finally, Kristina to Blake.

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This means Mike is going home, which is devastating. Justice for Mike!

Blake Has A Change Of Heart

After spending too many episodes sad and sullen, Blake finally realizes his feelings for Kristina. Just before the rose ceremony, Blake pulls Kristina aside and reveals he’s been thinking about her a lot and wants to give their relationship a shot.

Kristina is shocked and a little speechless, but she doesn’t completely dismiss the idea.

“I don’t know what to make of this conversation because I’m questioning what the hell is going on right now. I’m definitely apprehensive, I’m definitely skeptical.”

Though Kristina is skeptical, as she should be, it’s clear she has feelings for him too.

Brie — the girl who faked the Australian accent on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor — joins the party and appears to throw a wrench in Blake’s new revelation about Kristina.


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But, in a shocking twist, Blake turns down Brie. He actually says no! Blake’s redemption tour starts now.

Kristina isn’t immediately ready to commit to Blake, but she’s definitely warming up to the possibility.

Dean’s Big Return

Caelynn’s seemingly happy in her new romance with Connor, so naturally Dean — sans mustache! — arrives to throw a wrench in everything.

Dean pulls Caelynn aside to talk. He reveals how much he likes Caelynn, despite the fact he kept her at an arm’s length. He regrets leaving Paradise and wants her back.


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“We had something special and passionate and great, and you challenged me and pushed me, but you scared me at the same time. I’m really confused,” Caelynn tells Dean.

Dean asks Caelynn to leave Paradise with him today. Caelynn’s obviously torn and of course we’ll have to wait until next week to figure out what happens!

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