Ted Danson Says ‘The Good Place’ Ending ‘ Is ‘Everything You Would Hope For’

The Good Place - Season 3
Colleen Hayes/NBC

While it may seem like we’re all in the Bad Place with The Good Place‘s ending near, star Ted Danson is reassuring fans about the show’s final season.

The NBC comedy from writer-extraordinaire Mike Schur, who is also associated with titles like The Office, Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, will wrap its run with the upcoming fourth season.

Danson, who is Emmy-nominated once again for his role as the demon with a heart of gold, Michael, voiced his take on the season in a red carpet interview with Variety.

“It’s so strange, winding it down is still new to us — we finished shooting last week, so it’s very strange,” the actor said of the show wrapping.

“We’re still getting used to it cause we’re very proud of what we were a part of,” Danson mused with emotion in his voice. “It’s even strange to say were.” And as is apparent on his face, saying goodbye is just as difficult for the stars as it will be for viewers.

Thankfully, Danson is offering some reassurance when it comes to the uncertain ending. “We just finished the last season, so that’ll be coming out and it’s so wonderful. The ending is just everything you would hope for in this show and I will miss my buddies and my friends.”

“Now we don’t have that excuse to see each other everyday, we’re gonna have to make time,” concluded Danson.

We’ll make time for you and your buddies anytime with The Good Place, Ted.

The Good Place, Season 4 Premiere, Thursday, September 26, NBC