7 Things We Love About the ‘Titans’ Season 2 Trailer (VIDEO)

Titans Title

To quote Jason Todd, the Titans are back, bitches!

The DC Universe‘s inaugural original, based on the DC Comics superteam of not sidekicks, spin-kicks off its second season on September 6th and from this just-dropped trailer (which was exclusively screened at the digital platform’s multi-show panel during San Diego Comic-Con International), the next chapter is gonna be a banger.

Opening with a handy catch-up on Season 1’s storyline — city cop and retired Robin Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) trying to put his past partnership with Batman behind him while being drawn into the worlds of seemingly possessed Raven (Teagan Croft) and definite alien Kori Anders (Anna Diop) — the reel then launches into a blizzard of bits from the upcoming installment. And they have packed in the hints as to what we’re gonna see.

Below, we’re calling out some of our favorites!

Donna Troy’s Lasso

Introduced last season as Dick’s old friend, Conor Leslie’s Wonder Girl gets to rock that golden lasso in one of the early moments and seems to factor in pretty heavily with the team’s evolution going forward.

Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne

Last season ended with Dick being mentally manipulated by Raven’s demon dad Trigon into a ultra-violent fantasy sequence in which he battled a murderous Batman, so it was clear that Titans was allowed to get into the Gotham of it all. This year, we’ll actually see Dick deal with his former mentor for real and he’s being played by Game of Thrones Glen. Which is strange because he kind of feels more like an Alfred, right?

Jason Todd, A-plus D-bag!

Don’t hate us, but Curran Walters as Dick’s replacement Robin is kind of a hoot. He’ll probably die horribly this year.

Conner Kent

Superboy was teased at the very of the season finale and now, we’re seeing a bit more of the young man who is actually cloned from Kryptonian and human DNA. You can spot Joshua Orpin sporting the character’s iconic comic-book attire of a black tee adored with the red “S,” as well as what looks like his first meeting with superodog Krypto at a Project Cadmus facility in Metropolis.

Hawk’s New Suit

One of last season’s greatest surprises was the deeply emotional backstory between Alan Ritchson’s broken, self-destructive winged hero and Minka Kelly’s co-dependent Dove. Looks like they’re both back but it’s Hawk who has an upgraded costume…and an actual smile in a few scenes, which has us hoping he’s doing better than he was after Dove’s near-death experience.

Aqualad’s Watery Entrance

Yes! Jason Momoa may be the big-screen gill-guy, but here we get Pretty Little Liars‘ Drew Van Acker as Aqualad, who literally makes a splash when he bursts into frame in front of the gang on the street.

Deathstroke’s Family Ties

Let’s hope blood isn’t thicker than water when DC Comics characters Ravager (Chelsea T. Zhang) and Jericho (Chella Man) join the team in time to face down their own father, the one-eyed assassin also known as Slade Wilson (Esai Morales). In the reel, we see a few shots of this twisted brood, with a resentful Ravager displaying the same killer skills as her father, who forced her to undergo painful experimentation to attain superpowers.

And since Chella Man is Asian, deaf and trans, it’s pretty safe to assume that his Jericho will hew closely to the comic-book iteration that has the ability to possess people with nothing but eye contact after having his vocal chords severed during an attack his father failed to stop. To say this brood is messy is, well, a titan-ic understatement.

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