‘The Dark Crystal’s Taron Egerton, Lisa Henson & Louis Leterrier on Returning to Thra (VIDEO)

Nearly 40 years after Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal enchanted audiences in 1982, his universe filled with Gelflings, Podlings, and Skeksis is being revisited in Netflix’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

During San Diego Comic-Con, star Taron Egerton along with Jim Henson’s daughter and series executive producer Lisa Henson and director Louis Leterrier sat down with Damian Holbrook to discuss the upcoming show. The stunning 10-episode series brings viewers back to the world of Thra for a prequel adventure featuring an all-star voice cast.

In the video interview above, the trio reveal some exciting information about the highly-anticipated series which debuts Friday, August 30 on the streaming platform. “The original movie had such a beautiful, complete world. They had spent years designing that world before they ever made the film and so we were able to kind of go back into the history of that and tell this deep, rich prequel story,” Henson mused.

“We were so excited about who all the Gelflings were before they faced the troubles that they had that ended up with just two Gelflings left by the time of the film,” she continued. “So it’s a really rich tapestry and we were excited to get back into that world.”

The classic film served as a perfect segue for Egerton, who will portray Rian in the series. “It’s a real cult hit and I watched it when I was a kid and as I’ve said before I just loved it,” Egerton gushed. “So when this opportunity came along it was a complete no-brainer for me.”

For Leterrier, who directs all 10 episodes and works with co-creators/writers Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews as well as writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach on the series, it was no simple task coordinating the puppetry involved. “Both are very difficult,” Leterrier joked when asked the difference between directing real people and puppets.

(Credit: Kevin Baker/Netflix)

Find out what else the Egerton and creatives had to say about recreating the Dark Crystal world, the star-studded cast, and more in the video interview above!

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Series Premiere, Friday, August 30, Netflix