‘The 100’: He Said/She Said With Bob Morley & Marie Avgeropoulos

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Despite 125 years of cryosleep to cool down, sibs Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) are still battling. Offscreen, though, these two play nice!

Read on for a little he said, she said with the actors behind the Blakes on The 100.

Do you recall the first time you met each other?

Bob Morley: I believe it was at the read-through, but my memory is pretty rubbish these days.

Marie Avgeropoulos: During the first read-through of the pilot script.

What was your first impression?

Morley: She seemed nice and gregarious, which later proved to be true.

Avgeropoulos: I was excited. I’ve always wanted an onscreen sibling — I am the youngest of four.

What has been your favorite scene together?

Morley: The flashback sequence from Season 1. It was nice to play the dynamic they once had and pretend we were young again. [Episode 6 showed the pair growing up on the Ark spaceship, where his mother told him, “Your sister, your responsibility,” and he vowed never to let anything bad happen to Octavia.]

Avgeropoulos: This season [has] a very special one, where the Blakes really get to hash a few things out. The episode is also special since Bob directed, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t disappoint him.

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What is the most “brother-sister” thing about you two off-camera?

Morley: Regardless of the hiatus, we always seem to start off as if we saw each other yesterday! There is a familiarity to our friendship.

Avgeropoulos: He’s always checking in with me and genuinely cares how I am doing. He’s very sincere, and we do have this almost invisible sibling energy after six years.

What is the one thing the Blake siblings can agree on?

Morley: That’s a question for Jason [Rothenberg, The 100‘s executive producer]!

Avgeropoulos: Showering isn’t as important as survival!

Do you think there is even a small part of Bellamy that is proud of his sister for becoming such a force of nature?

Morley: Sure. I mean, he’s said there is still a part of him that loves her. I think that he believed she was always capable of great things.

Avgeropoulos: I think every sibling finds something to be proud of in the other.

You both spend most of each season covered in grime. Who takes longer in hair and makeup?

Morley: Marie.

Avgeropoulos: Definitely me. Octavia has a bunch of tattoos that take time to put on carefully so they look the same every time. Fans notice everything!

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The 100 loves to kill major characters. How would you like to see yours die?

Morley: Accidentally tripping off a cliff, midsentence. [Laughs]

Avgeropoulos: I don’t want to give them any ideas! A poisonous cheeseburger? [Laughs]

Name your favorite celebrity brother-sister team.

Morley: Do I have to have one?

Avgeropoulos: Luke and Leia from Star Wars. They prove themselves to be incredibly brave and selfless, [like] Bellamy and Octavia. And they prefer space travel over any other transportation too!

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