Our 11 Favorite Blake Sibling Moments on ‘The 100’ (PHOTOS)

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His Sister’s Keeper
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Pretty much all of “His Sister’s Keeper”

Season 1’s Blake siblings backstory episode explained why Bellamy was so protective of Octavia—and how Octavia became one of the delinquents sent down to Earth. It has continued being important to their stories even in Season 6, as those flashbacks—and their still-resonant emotional impact—inform who both characters have become.

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“The truth is, it didn’t start until then.”

Season 1 was tough for the Blakes (but so was Season 2, and 3, and 4, and… every season, really.) Back then, all Octavia wanted to do was explore Earth, meet guys and rebel because she could—Bellamy, on the other hand, was trying to do anything and everything he could to keep her safe. This, among their disagreements about Lincoln, led to a nasty confrontation in which he said his life ended the day she was born. In the finale, as she was in danger of dying, he said he didn’t mean it and his life didn’t start until she was born. Awwwwww!

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A happy reunion

The first of several Blake siblings reunions… not all of them so pure. After leaving Octavia to Lincoln so that he could save her in the Season 1 finale, Bellamy wasn’t sure whether his sister was alive or dead. Not only was she alive, but she saved his life by blowing the horn that signaled acid fog, thus saving him from a grounder attack. They share an emotional hug, and they walk away with their arms around each other.

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“You’ll always fit in with me.”

There aren’t a whole lot of happy moments between the Blakes in Season 3… in fact, the only non-upsetting exchange between them might come in the second episode. After seeing how Pike and his people have made Mount Weather their home, Octavia goes off by herself. Bellamy follows her, and eventually learns she plans on leaving once Lincoln’s kill order is removed. “I don’t fit in here, Bell,” she tells him, but he responds, “you’ll always fit in with me.”

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“She wouldn’t be taken alive.”

It’d be safe to say Bellamy’s reaction to learning his sister had been killed still haunts many The 100 fans to this day. No, Octavia wasn’t really dead, but she was stabbed and fell off a cliff: Echo could be forgiven for making the assumption that the younger Blake was gone for good. When she broke the news to an imprisoned Bellamy, he broke down sobbing and wailing.

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Saying goodbye before Priamfiya

As she says, it takes the end of the world for her to say it… but Octavia really does love her big brother. Worried about being a ruler when she only ever wanted to be a fighter, Octavia confides in Bellamy that she’s not sure she’s ready for the role. He reassures her and compares her to Prometheus, saying she gave people hope. At last, Octavia tells her brother she loves him… but because the storm interferes with their radio connection, she doesn’t get to hear him say it back.

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Six years is a long time

A long time to be in space, a long time to be on the ground, a long time to be in a bunker. That lengthy span of time changed almost every character on The 100, but perhaps none more so than Octavia Blake. Even though she became something of a dictator after the Dark Year, it was still sweet to see the child in her re-emerge when Bellamy first entered the bunker and she jumped into his arms. Unfortunately, the rest of the season wasn’t so great for their relationship.

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Taking responsibility

One of the most terrifying—but powerful—moments between these siblings came in Season 5. Tensions between Octavia’s Wonkru and everyone else were at an all-time high, and a solution that didn’t start a war (but also didn’t kill Octavia) was needed. To solve that problem, Bellamy stepped up and snuck a dose of Monty’s algae into his little sister’s food, which put her in a coma. Watching Octavia realize what he’d done to her was both frightening and heartbreaking, and so were Bellamy’s final words when she’d collapsed in his arms: “My sister, my responsibility.”

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Responsibility, reversed

Not a happy moment, but certainly a memorable one. When Wonkru walked into an ambush in the gorge, very few of Octavia’s followers were able to escape. Bellamy, angry with her for her behavior and everything she’d done in the conflict with Eligius and almost killing him, confronted her and told her he wished she was dead. This, and the dire situation they were in, led to a touching speech from Octavia about how she might never be able to fix what she broke, but she could save him. “My brother, my responsibility,” she said, modifying his classic saying about family. Then Blodreina walked into the open intent on sacrificing herself so Bellamy, Indra and Gaia could live; thankfully, she was saved at the last second by the arrival of Madi and a few others.

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Say you love me

Though the anomaly offered visual evidence that Octavia still wants to be close with her brother, her true feelings were apparent before then. Right before she took a century-long nap, one of the last things the former Red Queen wanted to hear was that her brother still loved her. After everything she’d done, Bellamy’s response wasn’t so straightforward: sure, he still loves her, but he also told her part of him wished a part of her was dead. As her cryo-pod closed, a tear rolled down her cheek, and she looked at him for as long as she could.

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Her biggest fear

Octavia pretended not to care when Bellamy left her to survive on her own in Sanctum’s deadly woods, but clearly, she’s in plenty of pain and wants to fix her relationship with him. As such, it makes sense that her most notable hallucination on the way to the anomaly was of him kneeling in the fighting pits: It’s one of the times she came closest to losing him, and it was entirely her fault.

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Whether they love each other or hate each other — and throughout the past six seasons, they’ve definitely done both — the Blakes are family.

Many enjoy the romantic relationships on The 100, but often family dynamics (Clarke and Abby, Clarke and Madi, Raven and Abby, Octavia and Indra) are some of the richest and most complex on the show. The richest and most complex of those might be the bond between Blake siblings Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos). They can’t seem to go 13 episodes without finding new reasons to despise each other, but the only thing more powerful than their anger — at least, we hope! — is their love.

Check out some of the most impactful moments between this duo in the gallery above.

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