‘The 100’ Star Confirms Exit After Six Seasons

What You Take With You
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 6, Episode 9 of The 100, “What You Take With You.”]

May we meet again.

The 100 said goodbye to one of its series regulars, Henry Ian Cusick, in Tuesday’s episode, and both the actor and showrunner Jason Rothenberg have confirmed that was the end for the character.

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“All things end and that was Kane’s,” Cusick tweeted after the episode aired, adding his thanks to Rothenberg, the cast, crew, writers, directors, and supporters of his character and his relationship with Abby.

“Your passion and support over the years has been truly wonderful and I love you guys for that,” he said, concluding perfectly with, “may we meet again.”

“I have to say it was a pleasure and an honor to have @hicusick on our show for the past 6 years,” Rothenberg tweeted. “The guy classed up the joint. Really helped us make the point that we were not a teen show. … Anyway, we will miss him.”

In “What You Take With You,” Kane made the ultimate sacrifice after waking up in his new body (Greyston Holt) and finding out what was really going on in Sanctum to destroy the Nightblood serum: he floated himself.

Before he did, he and Abby (Paige Turco) were able to say goodbye, and she saw him as Cusick, providing her and fans with a way to say goodbye to the man who played the character for six seasons. “This is how we get our humanity back,” Kane told her before his death. “May we meet again.”

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Fans of Cusick won’t have to wait long to see him on their TV screens again. The actor joined MacGyver as a series regular in Season 4.

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