‘The Bachelorette’ 2019 Fantasy Suites: Hannah Had Sex & Jesus Still Loves Her (RECAP)

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In the words of Hannah Brown, it’s time to get down — bow chicka bow wow — in the fantasy suites.


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What happens in the fantasy suites, stays in the fantasy suites…or does it?! 😳🌹 @thebacheloretteabc

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This week, Hannah and her four remaining men — Tyler C., Luke P., Jed, and Peter — are all headed to Greece for fantasy suite dates. Let’s find out what happened (and who goes home) on tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette.

Peter’s date

“I’m getting all jittery talking about it, but she has my heart,” Peter says as he sails through the waters of Crete, Greece with Hannah. “I’ve stripped down every wall I’ve ever had. I’ve never been this exposed to someone.”

Now let me remind you, we’re still waiting for Peter to drop the L-bomb, which he wasn’t able to do during hometowns. He asks Hannah, while mid-makeout on the boat, “Do you know how much I like you?” and I’m getting middle school flashbacks. It’s time to speak some big boy words, Peter.

“I just need to hear more of where he’s at,” Hannah says. Same, Hannah, same.

Peter and Hannah (ABC)

Later at dinner, Peter puts his big boy pants on and steps up to the plate and finally tells Hannah how he feels.

“It’s the greatest feeling ever,” he says while beaming after telling her he’s in love with her. That confession was enough to earn Peter a fantasy suite card. To which he gladly accepts.

“I think it’s really important to have more time,” Hannah says, right before the two head to a WINDMILL. I repeat a WINDMILL. We know that Hannah will sleep with one of her final four men in a windmill at some point this episode, so is it Peter? We need answers.

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Well… the next morning he admits that their night together was the best night of his life and that they are “one” now. Soooo… all signs point to yes, they did do the deed in the windmill.


Tyler’s date

Hannah tells Tyler that they’re going to “indulge and relax” for the day portion of their date. They head to a spa and are immediately asked to de-robe and we get another glimpse of Tyler’s six pack. Thank you, spa lady.

Tyler and Hannah (ABC)

Tyler essentially kicks the masseuses out of the room and proceeds to rub Hannah down himself. They start making out from behind and … Lord, help us. Isn’t this a family show?


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Later that night, Hannah seems off. Despite their incredible physical connection, she tells Tyler at dinner that she’s having some doubts about their relationship. Apparently, they’re *too* attracted to one another?

“There is a concern for me about our physical relationship,” she says. “It is a huge part of our relationship. I am just so captivated by being around you, holding you, kissing you. I have to reset myself and think, ‘Ok, that’s great. You know that that’s there.’ But it has to be more.”

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She tells him she doesn’t want to go into the fantasy suite and have sex with him. Instead, she wants to continue their emotional connection. Whatever you say, Hannah.

Tyler seems totally cool about all of this, and duh, he’s practically perfect. “I would love to spend more time with you and just be us,” he says.


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The next morning, Hannah and Tyler seem more in love than ever. They talk about how they didn’t have sex and how *not* doing it strengthened their relationship even more.

Jed’s date

Hannah meets up with Jed and tells him they’re going to explore the village together. They spend the day with some random Greek locals who start asking them about the details of their relationship. Are they in love? Are they ready for marriage? Who are these people and why do they care so much about Jed and Hannah?

A random man tells them, “You look fully in love.” Hannah seems to be thrilled by the assumption, but Jed? Not so much.

Jed and Hannah (ABC)

Right in the middle of all the fun with the locals, Jed pulls Hannah aside to talk about Luke. How are we still talking about Luke?

“I don’t get how you can be as amazing as you are and you can consider someone like him,” he says.

“I’ve seen different sides of him,” Hannah replies, clearly struggling to put her feelings into words


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The Luke conversation only continues through dinner. Jed keeps pressing the topic and questioning why Hannah would keep around someone so toxic. At one point, Jed tells Hannah that she must have trouble letting go of things if she’s unable to say goodbye to Luke.

Hannah seems like she’s trying to be empathetic but eventually gets so fed up, she gets up from the table to walk away.

“You have to let me figure it out. I want somebody at the end of the day who can trust the decisions I’m making,” she says when she finally returns. “I hear you.”

Just then, Hannah whips out the fantasy suite card and asks Jed to spend the night with her. They head to the suite and immediately start making out on the bed. No windmill in sight, though.

The next morning, Hannah refers to Jed as “Mr. Jed” while lying in bed with him, which basically confirms that she saw him naked. Girlfriend is in love.

Luke’s date

Luke and Hannah head to Santorini via helicopter for the day portion of their date. While strolling through the beautiful city, Hannah’s acting like she’s totally into him… saying he’s the best kisser, that she’s getting lost in his eyes, etc. Is she seriously falling for this AGAIN?

“I look you in the eyes and I see my future wife,” Luke says.


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That night, we see Hannah show up to dinner in that red jacket… the one we’ve seen in the trailer over and over. This is it. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We’re about to see some serious sh*t go down. This is Hannah’s version of the fence jump.

“So, let’s talk about sex,” Luke kicks off the most cringeworthy conversation in Bachelorette history. “And let’s say you had had sex with one or multiple of these guys, I would completely remove myself from this relationship.” Criiiiinge.

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Hannah becomes more and more baffled as he continues talking. Luke confirms that if she just had a “slip-up” and slept with one of the guys, that would be OK, but she doesn’t have his permission to sleep with all of the guys. Thanks for that clarification, Luke. You can go home now.

“You’re not my husband. You’re questioning me and you’re judging me and you don’t have the right to at this point,” Hannah says. “I’m a grown woman and I can make my own decisions.”

In classic Luke fashion, he tries to backpedal, but it’s far too late. He’s finally revealed himself as the condescending, manipulative jerk that he’s been all season. Hannah tells him that there’s a lot of times she’s wanted to send him home all season but she’s held out hope for their relationship.

“You’ve broken my heart so many times,” she says. “I’ve broken my own heart for letting this happen.”


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Hannah doesn’t owe you ANYTHING. The Beast is unleashed on #TheBachelorette tonight at 8|7c on ABC.

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“I do not want you to be my husband,” she says. And just like that, Luke gets the boot. “I have the clarity.”

Hannah gets up from the table but Luke continues sitting. She keeps pressing him to get up. But if Luke doesn’t want to go, he’s not going to go. He tells her that she “owes him” the chance to let him speak.

“I don’t owe you anything at this point,” she replies before muttering her classic line of the season, “I have had sex and Jesus still loves me.” YAS BEAST.

Hannah then confirms what we’ve known for a few weeks now… she had sex in a windmill. Twice. With whom? I’m guessing Peter, since he’s the only one we saw her actually go into a windmill with.

So Luke reluctantly gets into the limo and heads home, but sadly, it’s not the last we’ll see of him. The preview for next week shows that he will return because… even though Hannah has had sex (and Jesus still loves her), Luke is willing to give her a second chance. SO BRAVE OF HIM!

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