‘Pearson’: Isabel Arraiza on Jessica & Yoli’s Mentor-Mentee Relationship (VIDEO)

If you love Suits but are looking for something a bit “grittier,” then its spinoff Pearson is right up your alley.

TV Insider sat down with series star Isabel Arraiza to get the scoop on her character, Yoli Castillo, and Yoli’s relationship with Gina Torres’ Jessica Pearson.

Yoli is originally the social media coordinator for Streets and Sanitation, but after she’s fired, Jessica hires her as her executive assistant. (Fans of Suits know how far executive assistants can go.) As for that dynamic, expect to see it become “a mentee-mentor relationship really quickly,” the actress previewed.

Don’t expect this new series to be just like its predecessor, as Arraiza said, “It has the same formula, but it’s just a different animal.” On Pearson, they work with issues relevant to today, some of which will be explored with Yoli’s family.

(Richie Knapp/USA Network)

Watch the video interview above to see Arraiza talk about the different experience testing for the series, working with Torres, and more.

Pearson, Series Premiere, Wednesday, July 17, 10/9c, USA

— Reporting by Damian Holbrook