Jeff Foxworthy, Chrissy Teigen & Kenan Thompson ‘Bring the Funny’ With Their Favorite Jokes

Bring The Funny - Season 1

Bring the Funny, NBC’s new competition series, aims to discover the next big comedy star.

So we tested the judges — king of redneck one-liners Jeff Foxworthy, tastemaker Chrissy Teigen, and Saturday Night Live‘s Kenan Thompson — by asking for a favorite joke.

They’ll be the ones deciding when hopefuls in sketch, variety, and stand-up take the stage. Bring the Funny‘s host, comedian Amanda Seales, says great humor comes from “fearlessness matched with intellect. These comics only have three minutes, but they come out swinging!”

Read on and tell us your thoughts on their jokes in the comments below.

Jeff Foxworthy

Joke: “If you’ve ever stared at a can of orange juice because it said ‘concentrate’ …. you might be a redneck.”

Chrissy Teigen

Joke: “Question: What do you call a fake noodle? Answer: An impasta!”

Kenan Thompson

Joke: “What is a pirate’s favorite letter? R? No, it be the C!”

Bring the Funny, Series Premiere, Tuesday, July 9, 10/9c, NBC