Jameela Jamil on Trying to Get Her ‘Impractical Jokers’ Co-Stars on ‘The Good Place’

Jameela Jamil attends the WarnerMedia Upfront 2019
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for WarnerMedia

WarnerMedia held its Upfront presentation in New York City on Wednesday, May 15, and stars from networks like truTV, TBS and TNT were out in full force. One particular star who showed up to represent TBS was The Good Place‘s Jameela Jamil.

You may be wondering what show the star of that NBC hit is also going to be in on TBS, and you wouldn’t be wrong to wonder, since not much as been released regarding her latest role as host of the forthcoming game show The Misery Index.

TV Insider was on the Upfront carpet to speak with Jamil about the new show and her upcoming plans for The Good Place.

“It’s the most outrageous game show of all time — I’m willing to say that — probably in the history of American television,” she tells us. “It’s a really funny, fresh way of looking at misery — where misery does love company — and we’re able to laugh with people not at people.”

No release date has been announced for the project, but TBS officially unveiled the show via Twitter on Wednesday, revealing Impractical Jokers stars Joe Gatto, Brian “Q” Quinn, Sal Vulcano and James “Murr” Murray would be involved. The Misery Index will see “contestants compete in a game of stakes ranking hysterically miserable real-life experiences.”

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“It’s not a cruel show,” Jamil promises. “It’s just a funny, gross and irreverent show, and I think that the people need a little bit more of that — we need a bit of relief because of the horrendous news cycle at the moment.”

Definitely prepare for laughter, because Jamil says, “It really just cheered me up every single day that I was there on set just watching the way that we all come together and respond over those sort of things. It’s also a show that secretly encourages empathy which I think is quite cool for a game show cause you have to put yourself in other people’s shoes.”

As for collaborating with Impractical Jokers‘ Tenderloins, Jamil was thrilled with their connection.

“I love the Tenderloins so much that I would make the show with them for 10 years. I’ve never met kinder or funnier men who made me feel so immediately welcome and part of the group.”

So could that mean we’ll see some Impractical Jokers and The Good Place crossovers anytime soon? According to Jamil, both parties are working on it.

“100 percent, we’re planning that at the moment,” she says of making a guest appearance on truTV’s Impractical Jokers. “Yeah, we’re having a little chat about that.”

The Good Place (Credit: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

Meanwhile, she’s busy working on getting the men onto The Good Place.

“I have been working out how to get them as extras on The Good Place [Laughs] because they love the show. And so we’re big fans of each other and I think that really helps the chemistry,” she continues.

While no release date has been set, fans can look forward to seeing the Tenderloins and Jamil come together for some serious laughs.

“It just felt like a very lively experience so hopefully that translates onto the screen,” she says. We can’t help but think it will.

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