‘For All Mankind’ Changes the Space Race Game in First Trailer (VIDEO)

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Apple has unveiled its first full trailer for one of the many highly-anticipated titles from its upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service.

Behind For All Mankind is Ronald D. Moore — the creator of Battlestar Galactica and executive producer of Outlander. The series centers around the idea that the Soviets are the first to land on the moon, forcing those in the space race to up their game.

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Starring Joel Kinnaman (The Killing, Hanna) as a NASA astronaut, the trailer teases the first steps on the moon before revealing the Soviet twist. “We thought it was about being first. Turns out the stakes are much bigger than that,” one man says, setting the high-stakes tempo for the rest of the series.

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“We’re still in this thing,” another man says as the race drags on. And the reward for the winner grows when water is supposedly discovered on the moon.

This is the first trailer to be released, a previous tease of For All Mankind was seen in a sizzle reel from Apple TV+’s unveiling back in March. Also starring in For All Mankind are Nick Toren, Olivia Trujillo, Chris Agos, Arturo Del Puerto, and Spencer Garrett, among others.

Apple TV+ is set to launch this fall with this series debuting later this year. Some of the other titles coming to Apple TV+ include The Morning Show, Truth Be Told, See, Amazing Stories and more.

Check out For All Mankind‘s trailer below and stay tuned for more trailers from the upcoming streaming service as they’re released.

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