TV Insider Podcast: Diving Into the ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale With Our Roundtable Discussion

GOT podcast finale
TV Insider/HBO

Winter has come and gone, and with it comes the podcast that was promised in TV Insider’s latest extra-special installment featuring a discussion about the Game of Thrones finale.

Whether it pleased viewers or not, there was plenty to cover when it came to the 80-minute bookend of the eight-season series. The final episode, “The Iron Throne,” served up some surprises and predictable moments, and it’s all being covered in this longer-than-normal podcast episode.

TV Insider Podcast: Take a Deep Dive Into 'Game of Thrones' With Our Roundtable DiscussionSee Also

TV Insider Podcast: Take a Deep Dive Into 'Game of Thrones' With Our Roundtable Discussion

Listen as we tackle the Battle of Winterfell, throne predictions and more.

The “water cooler series” continues to unite fans days after the finale, and the TV Insider Podcast explores the events that remain relevant long after the final curtain call. HBO’s fantasy drama brought on a lot of backlash in its final entries, from rushed plot-lines, uncharacteristic behavior and unexpected outcomes.

There were some great moments in its final hours as well, though, and Game of Thrones enthusiasts — staffers from both TV Guide Magazine and TV Insider Emily Aslanian, Damian Holbrook, John Russell, Lori Perna and Meaghan Darwish — came together to go over the good, bad and everything in between from the epic show’s final installment.

From Daenerys’ descent into becoming the Mad Queen and Jon Snow’s fate, to Tyrion’s finer scenes, we’re covering it all. Our watch may have ended, but the discussions have not, so settle in for a conversation filled with laughs, nostalgia and more.

And, don’t miss a special installment of “Cheers & Jeers” Game of Thrones edition by Damian Holbrook at the end of the episode.

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