TV Insider Podcast: Take a Deep Dive Into ‘Game of Thrones’ With Our Roundtable Discussion

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Nearly nine years ago to the date, HBO debuted a show that would change the face of television for the foreseeable future.

Game of Thrones (returning Sunday, April 14) has become more than just a fandom favorite, it’s a pop culture phenomenon that spans generations and many other differentiating traits. It has become a uniting facet in today’s society despite the less-than-civil storylines of which Thrones is comprised — a “water cooler show,” so to say.

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In this week’s TV Insider Podcast we discuss the impact that the series has had on us over the years in a new roundtable discussion. That’s right, nothing is off the table as we theorize what’s ahead in the highly anticipated eighth and final season.

The conversation — which includes both staffers from TV Guide Magazine and TV Insider Emily Aslanian, Damian Holbrook, John Russell and Meaghan Darwish — delves into the moments that have stuck with us long after the episodes’ final credits. Listen as we explore different topics from character deaths, predictions, hopes for the Battle of Winterfell and more.

So, settle in and stay warm because “winter is here.”

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