Will That ‘Bull’ Season 3 Finale Twist Help Resolve Jason and Benny’s Issues?

Bull Benny finale

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 3 finale of Bull, “Pillar of Salt.”]

Benny’s (Freddy Rodriguez) not really done with Jason (Michael Weatherly) on Bull, especially after that closing finale twist, right?

When Benny learns that his sister (and Jason’s ex-wife), Izzy (Yara Martinez), is getting another divorce, he doesn’t handle the news well. He’s thinking about his father “weeping in his grave” — Izzy’s getting divorced, Benny’s not married, and there are no grandchildren — and he’s depressed. But Jason assures him that Izzy will be fine, pointing out she survived their marriage.

Then, when Benny learns that Izzy’s marriage fell apart due to infidelity, he immediately blames her soon-to-be ex-husband. “Marriage is really complicated and almost impossible to understand unless you are on the inside of it,” Jason advises his friend. “And between you and me? It’s not a spectator sport. You should leave it alone.”

And maybe if he had left it alone, he wouldn’t have learned the truth, at least not just yet, given the twist at the end. When Benny tells Jason that Izzy was the one who cheated, Jason plays dumb and says it doesn’t sound like her. But she confessed, so it’s out there.

“Have you no regard for anything or anyone other than yourself? Other than your appetites?” Benny asks. “You made love to my sister during my father’s funeral? The man hadn’t even been in the ground an hour. What kind of an animal are you?” He blames Jason for taking advantage of his sister in her “vulnerable” state.

“I didn’t take advantage of anyone,” Jason insists. “Izzy was upset. She’s a grown woman. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but she kissed me first.” When he refuses to take that back, Benny chases him out of his office and tackles him to the ground in front of everyone.

Benny says to take that back and chases him out of his office into the main area of the office and tackles Jason to the ground, pinning him down. “I’m done with you. I’m done with this place,” the lawyer says. “I will finish the case like a professional, but the second it’s done, I am out the door.”

Then Jason makes the mistake of telling Benny to “grow up,” which results in the other man punching him.

And that’s the last meaningful conversation between the two for the finale. Benny meant everything he said, but it’s possible that Izzy’s news — and the fact that he told his sister where Jason’s car would be — at the end of the episode will change that.

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“You haven’t lost my brother,” Izzy assures him. “Well, not permanently. He’s just a real hardhead, especially about family. He’ll be back.” How does she know? “I’m pregnant, you big Bull,” she reveals. “I think maybe you’re stuck with both of us. He’s gonna be an uncle, and you’re gonna be a daddy.”

Will that be enough to at least get the ball rolling and have Benny willing to speak with Jason again? TAC needs him — he is the best lawyer Jason knows — and Jason does, too, especially with the changes coming in his life. And it’s not a one-way street. Benny needs them as well. It’s hard to imagine the two being at odds for long in Bull Season 4, especially as Izzy approaches her due date.

Fans could see why Benny reacted the way he did to the revelation.

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