Should Brett and Casey Get Together on ‘Chicago Fire’? (POLL)

Chicago Fire - Season 7
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 7, Episode 21 of Chicago Fire, “The White Whale.”]

UPDATED (05/16/2019):

Chicago Fire is definitely going there with Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Brett (Kara Killmer). It’s just a matter of when, not if, at this point.

Following her friend Olivia’s statement that she and Casey are meant for each other, Brett stops knowing how to act like a normal person around him. She can’t even say hello without having a coughing fit because she’s “stressed out.”

She thinks Olivia’s statement is “ridiculous,” but Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Foster (Annie Ilonzeh) don’t automatically agree. “I’m sure Casey doesn’t feel that way,” Brett tells them. “He was married to my best friend. I dated her brother.”

But Kidd sees that as “ancient history.” What’s important is how Brett feels about him. She claims she doesn’t know, but Kidd thinks the coughing fit says it all.

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Brett’s not the only one possibly having a revelation about her feelings. Casey’s starting to exhibit some questionable behavior, including telling Kyle (Teddy Sears) that it “could be a while” before Brett returns from dropping a victim off at Med when the chaplain stops by the firehouse.

When he doesn’t change a bandage for an injury he sustains on the job, Brett takes matters into her own hands and does it herself, leading to the two sharing a moment. Nothing happens, but they’re both clearly thinking about it.

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ORIGINAL STORY (05/09/2019):

A new romance is heating up at Firehouse 51.

Whether you’re shipping them or not, all signs point to Chicago Fire at least testing out a romantic relationship between paramedic Sylvie Brett and firefighter Matt Casey.

The two have been growing closer this season after Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund) left. But it’s precisely because Dawson was Casey’s wife and Brett’s best friend that the paramedic says they shouldn’t get together in “Try Like Hell.”

Even so, the entire episode feels like one big build-up to the season likely ending with Brett and Casey sharing a moment or possibly a kiss. If you enjoyed Brett and Kyle’s brief (but oh so cute) relationship, you’re probably out of luck.

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The paramedic and chaplain seemed perfect for each other, until their relationship affected his job. He’s supposed to help rescue workers, but “if I’m dating a colleague, they won’t open up to me,” Kyle explained. That happened with Casey, but as Brett tells the firefighter when he takes some of the responsibility for the end of her relationship, it would have eventually been someone else in the same position.

Before the breakup, Kyle used to stop by the firehouse once a week, but he hasn’t been around lately. Though he claims he’s been busy when Brett asks him, he later admits to Casey that he’s been trying to be “sensitive” to his ex-girlfriend.

Casey assures him Brett can handle the awkwardness, and both men agree that she’s “a great girl” and “the best.” Uh-oh, is there a love triangle brewing?

But is it too late for Brett and Kyle to reunite? She’s decided it’s time for both her and Casey to move on from their past relationships. “We should totally be dating,” she tells him, and, of course, he misunderstands. She’s setting him up on a date, not offering herself as a potential match. But it’s the friend she wants him to date, Olivia, who clues Brett in on what she thinks she should be seeing right in front of her.

After witnessing the two excel at game night, Olivia tells Brett she should be with Casey. “You’re meant for each other,” she says.

Is this all building to Brett being the one Casey asks to a dinner party in the finale? Or will Chicago Fire surprise its fans and throw someone else into the mix?

The former will likely be the case, since showrunner Derek Haas told TVLine that the “hints have been deliberate.” “You’ve got two characters who are hurt by the last relationships they had, and they’re both essentially really strong, good people.”

Fans are divided. Some are hoping to see them together and think it would make sense.

However, others are firmly against it, especially considering their ties to Dawson.

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