5 Hilarious Sketches From Tim Robinson’s ‘I Think You Should Leave’ (VIDEO)


Netflix’s new sketch comedy show I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson has become an overnight viral hit thanks to quirky and hilarious sketches.

The former Saturday Night Live writer is serving up six episodes clocking in at 16 minutes each, making it a quick binge — just over an hour and a half. Needless to say, viewers have been relishing the laugh-out-loud segments since its debut on the streaming service Tuesday, April 23.

Below we’re rounding up some of the most hilarious sketches from the show, but as mentioned above, checking the entire show out would be advised for a good laugh.

‘The Man’ Exacts His Revenge

Will Forte guest stars in this segment which sees Robinson playing a man who is heading out on his honeymoon. When Forte’s creepy character takes a seat in his row, Robinson is weirded out but quickly learns the man holds a grudge against him for a plane he took years ago at nine months old. The man wants to pay Robinson back for all of the crying he did on the past flight.

Instagram Etiquette

Social media is becoming a bigger part of our world each day, so this sketch featuring Vanessa Bayer, among others, is relatable to many. As a trio of girls enjoy brunch their light conversation takes a strange turn when they attempt to caption a photo of themselves on their individual Instagram accounts. While two of the ladies take a light but slightly offensive approach, Bayer’s character goes completely off the rails with her captions so much so we don’t think we could repeat it.

‘Baby of the Year’

(Credit: Netflix)

Sam Richardson owns this sketch in which he hosts a competition otherwise known as “Baby of the Year.” With ridiculous music, lyrics, names and more, it’s a wonder if you can keep yourself from breaking out in laughter. The over-the-top dramatics only serve to elevate what is probably one of the best sketches of the season. It even includes an attempted assassination and parent bribery.

Breaking Down Doors

This sketch depicts a job interview that goes awry at the last minute when Robinson’s character attempts to exit a door by pulling instead of pushing. When his potential employer points it out, he says it can be done either way… but it can’t. Talk about awkward.

Howie the Horrible House Guest

(Credit: Netflix)

In the last sketch from Episode 3, a game night session doesn’t go as planned with Howie (played by Tim Heidecker) in the mix. As groups attempt to name as many celebrities as they can from a bowl of names, Howie messes up the flow with his niche references to jazz musicians. Things turn from uncomfortable to downright horrible when he starts asking for nutcrackers and gazpacho soup.

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