‘Shameless’: Frank Offers Honesty at a Price in Season 9 Deleted Scene (VIDEO)

Chuck Hodes/SHOWTIME

Shamelessmay be off the air for the season, but fans of the Showtime series can get a better look at Season 9 with the upcoming release of the DVD set, which lands on shelves Tuesday, April 23.

It’s a value fans can’t pass up as all 14 episodes of the pivotal season — big sis Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) finally flew the coop — are available alongside special features such as deleted scenes.

In celebration of the release, TV Insider has your exclusive first look at a special deleted scene that’s included in the set. The scene, which involves the hardly-sober Frank (William H. Macy) vying for quick cash, promises laughs.

The scene — cut from Episode 11, otherwise known as “The Hobo Games” — sees Frank’s attempt to complete one of the many challenges he partook in during the Hobo Games. The games were part of a competition which would make him the face of the fictional booze brand Hobo Loco that included a cash prize.

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The actress will depart the series in the second half of Season 9.

Now, in the deleted scene, Frank offers to give women honest feedback on their looks in exchange for money. And wouldn’t you know? He actually has success in being rather judgmental and downright insulting, but we’d expect nothing less from the schmoozer.

Catch the scene for yourself below, and don’t miss Shameless Season 9 when it’s released on DVD Tuesday, April 23.

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