Fiona’s Finest: 9 Essential Emmy Rossum ‘Shameless’ Episodes (PHOTOS)

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“But at Last Came a Knock”

Season 1, Episode 9

When matriarch Monica (Chloe Webb) returns to the South Side, she reveals her intentions to take the youngest Gallagher child, Liam, with her when she leaves. The emotional response Rossum has as Fiona is still one of her best to date, as she appeals to her mother to reconsider.

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“Just Like the Pilgrims Intended”

Season 2, Episode 11

In Season 2’s penultimate episode, the Gallaghers found themselves in a number of chaotic moments, from Monica’s suicide attempt to Karen (Laura Slade Wiggins) going into labor with what turned out not to be Lip’s (Jeremy Allen White) baby. During that time, Fiona was the anchor keeping them chained to reality.

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“May I Trim Your Hedges?”

Season 3, Episode 3

When Fiona pursues a job opening at the local grocery store, she quickly learns that the manager is a sleaze. Instead of opting out of the much-needed gig, she recruits Vee (Shanola Hampton) to help her get even by recording his lewd dialogue as a means of blackmail.

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“Iron City”

Season 4, Episode 6

During this dark period in Fiona’s life, she’s jailed following an incident where baby Liam accidentally got his hands on her cocaine. The usually responsible Gallagher suffers more than just prison time as she worries about Liam’s well-being while he’s treated in the hospital.

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“Crazy Love”

Season 5, Episode 6

In this episode where Steve/Jimmy (Justin Chatwin) comes back, Fiona delivers a swift and well-deserved punch to his long-absent face after he shows up outside Patsy’s. Throughout the episode, Rossum’s character wrestles with what could have been with her old flame, and walks away better because of it.

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“Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!”

Season 6, Episode 12

It’s Fiona’s wedding day to Sean (Dermot Mulroney) and Frank arrives just in time to disrupt the whole thing. Rossum’s face when Fiona learns her husband-to-be is doping again is so real you feel her pain.

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“Happily Ever After”

Season 7, Episode 11

Seven Seasons in, Fiona is finally finding a silver-lining to her disadvantaged status. In this penultimate episode, Frank and Monica renew their vows, but it’s Rossum’s portrayal of a hopeful Fiona that could make anyone believe in their dreams.

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“God Bless Her Rotting Soul”

Season 8, Episode 3

After she learns that her brother and sister are being threatened over their shares of Monica’s meth — a parting gift — Fiona must take matters into her own hands. But she doesn’t lend her help until she gets a resounding, “you were right, and we were wrong,” from her siblings.

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“Down Like the Titanic”

Season 7, Episode 9

Fiona finds herself in a financial crisis over her building and lied to by love Ford (Richard Flood). So she opts for the reckless route and takes a cue from boozy Frank, seemingly ignoring the dumpster fire her life has become.

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Showtime’s long-running series Shameless is poised for its 2019 return, and as the rest of Season 9 unfolds, it’s difficult to not think about star Emmy Rossum‘s imminent exit.

The actress, who has appeared as eldest sibling and technical matriarch Fiona Gallagher for the eight years has helped make the show what it is today. And after the show said goodbye to Cameron Monaghan (Gotham) earlier this season, fans are really feeling the losses.

To distract us from that looming departure, we’ve rounded up nine of Rossum’s best episodes from the beloved series. Take a look back at her greatest moments and see how Fiona’s grown (or not) by clicking through the gallery above.

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