Why Gary Can’t Quit Selina on ‘Veep’

VEEP - Tony Hale
Colleen Hayes/HBO

They are both unassuming and don’t cuss. But that’s the extent of overlap between actor Tony Hale and his Veep character, Gary Walsh, minion to presidential candidate Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus).

Since the political satire’s 2012 debut, Hale has earned two Emmys; revived his breakout role as Buster Bluth on Netflix’s Arrested Development; and even co-wrote a children’s book called Archibald’s Next Big Thing, about a turtleneck-wearing young chicken in search of his one special talent.

And Gary? He’s spent seven seasons anticipating Selina’s every yen — usually by reaching into the ubiquitous man bag he customized with pockets to hold her essentials. You might say it’s his one special talent.

“He kind of wants more for himself,” Hale says, “but his heart is codependent on her. I think he spends nights online researching new ways to get Selina the stuff she requires even more efficiently.”

(Colleen Hayes/HBO)

Now, more than halfway through Veep‘s final season, Gary has been promoted to a much bigger role in Selina’s campaign. (We won’t spoil it.)

Whether or not Gary can ever quit Selina, Hale, who’s currently turning Archibald’s into a kids’ show for Netflix, isn’t letting go. “I might ask to take home a couple of Gary’s nice suits,” he says, “and I’ll keep the bag.”

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