‘Young Sheldon’: Wallace Shawn Previews Sturgis & Sheldon’s Big Sleepover

Michael Desmond/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Baseball cards and video games typify the concerns of most 10-year-olds… but most 10-year-olds are not Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage)!

Thursday, April 4 on the sitcom: With university life looming, the genius looks to his professor mentor, Dr. Sturgis (Wallace Shawn), to help him prep for living away from home. Sheldon’s big idea? A weekend sleepover!

“To spend a night in the same house is a wonderful opportunity for both of them because they don’t know many other people like them,” says recurring guest star Shawn of the intellectual pair. “They want to know more about the world, the universe, the stars!” (This may be the first sleepover to involve a microscope.)

The experiment does have its flaws, though. Teases Shawn: “Although Sheldon and Sturgis are both really smart, they are both rather bad at practical matters, and sometimes that leads to serious problems.”

The encyclopedia can’t help you now!

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