‘Hanna’s Joel Kinnaman Teases a ‘Different Dynamic’ With ‘Killing’ Co-Star Mireille Enos

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Reunited and it feels so…evil. Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos, who starred as homicide detectives on The Killing (2011–14, AMC/Netflix), play deadly enemies in this thriller, based on the 2011 film.

He’s brooding ex-military man Erik Heller, raised in East Germany. She’s ruthless CIA agent Marissa Wiegler, his former boss in an off-the-books program. And she’d kill him in order to capture his teen daughter, Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles), for reasons that viewers learn early on.

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“Erik and Marissa’s history goes deep, which is fun to play with Mireille because we have history,” says Kinnaman. “We’re like dance partners who are used to each other. But it’s a different dynamic. Erik is self-sacrificing. It’s all about securing Hanna’s safety. To do that, Marissa has to go down.”

For good reason, Erik has kept his dark past with Marissa a secret from Hanna, whom he raised from infancy in a forest hideaway, training her in killer fight techniques and encyclopedic smarts. (Kinnaman sequestered himself for three days in a remote cabin to get a feel for it.)

In the premiere, they must flee the sanctuary and separate, with Marissa in pursuit. The chase crosses exotic locales, mixing action with family drama and even humor as Hanna discovers the outside world via other teens (what’s Snapchat?). As she learns about her past, she becomes eager to help Erik. “Her dad tries to keep her out of things,” Creed-Miles says. “But she’s been trained, and she wants to start using her skills!”

Hanna, Series Premiere, Friday, March 29, Amazon Prime Video