'Shadowhunters' Cast Shares Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From the Season 3B Premiere (VIDEO)


Shadowhunters has finally returned for its final season and the cast is spilling some juicy behind-the-scenes secrets.

Following this week’s episode, “Lost Souls,” both Katherine McNamara (aka Clary) and Luke Baines (who plays her brother Jonathan) are dishing about filming the freezing cold Siberian snow scenes.


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BRRRRRR. Behind the scenes of #Shadowhunters Season 3B.

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While it looked brutally painful, it sounds like McNamara, who plays Clary, actually enjoyed being able to film in the snow.  “I had fun! I don’t know, I’ve always loved playing in the snow,” she shared in a behind-the-scenes video.

“It was just so epic because we had these drones on set. I was in this big gray wool cape running through the snow, underneath which I had snow pants most of the time.”

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She continued, “After awhile it did get cold, but that’s what tea and soup are for, right?

Baines, on the other hand, didn’t have as much fun shooting in freezing temperatures. “What I remember from filming the Siberia stuff was that it was freezing cold,” he said.

“So I’m like, ‘Don’t be cold, don’t be cold, don’t be cold.’ And then as soon as they call action I walk out and I’m trying to be evil and creepy and run after her, while also my entire body was like, ‘Hey bro, you’re freezing.’”

However, the good news is they both had amazing stunt doubles who did most of the heavy lifting... literally.


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“I have an amazing stunt double who did the tumble down the hill,” McNamara said.

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“What you couldn’t actually see was there was just a sheet of ice underneath that snow. So when you put your foot in it, you just hit ice,” Baines shared.

“When he went to pick up Kat the first time, he just completely fell over.”

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