Who Is the Major on ‘Manifest’? What We Know About the Character

Manifest - Season 1
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: This post contains spoilers from Manifest‘s twelfth episode, “Vanishing Point.”]

In Manifest‘s winter finale, the lab housing the other detained Flight 828 passengers who were being experimented on was destroyed, which didn’t help Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) on his search to uncover what truly happened to him and his family on that fateful plane ride.

We also learned that fake escapee, Autumn (Shirley Rumierk), was actually allowed to leave and is acting as a mole, answering to someone called “The Major,” who’s very powerful and very secretive. Not much is known about the mysterious character except a few details:

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1. This person is the head of this covert military operation and doesn’t appear to answer to anyone
2. This person seems to have unlimited access to whatever equipment is needed
3. Is funded by someone or something with very deep pockets
4. Frequently makes trips between Washington, D.C., and New York City
5. Is searching for something called “The Holy Grail” and either sees Ben as a threat or a rival

In an previous interview with TV Insider, Manifest executive producer Jeff Rake dropped a few more clues about who The Major is. Rake confirmed the character is a woman and hinted that “she’s an entertaining and formidable presence.”

On Monday night’s all-new episode, called “Vanishing Point,” The Major’s identity was finally revealed, and it’s Homeland actress Elizabeth Marvel.

Even though she has a face now, not much is known about the character and why she’s so desperately interested in “The Holy Grail.” Season 1 of NBC’s breakout show has a 16-episode order, so there’s still plenty of time for Ben, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and company to figure out what the hell is actually going on.

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