‘Ellen’s Game of Games’: Being Dropped Into a Vat of Spaghetti Is Fun! (VIDEO)

Ellen's Game of Games - Season 2
Mike Rozman/NBC

Pasta, anyone?

That’s one way to describe one of the games in Tuesday’s episode of Ellen’s Game of Games. The popular primetime game show — inspired by Ellen DeGeneres’s daytime talk show in which she often has audience members play crazy games — is currently airing Season 2 and, well, if you like spaghetti, this challenge is for you.

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In the “You Bet Your Wife” game, husbands stand with host DeGeneres while their wives are blindfolded and suspended high above a vat of something. This time around it’s spaghetti and, yes, that includes pasta sauce and parmesan cheese. If the wives answer questions correctly, they’re in good shape. But if they answer wrong or their opponent answers more right, it’s drop time for them.

In this exclusive clip courtesy of NBC, the wives have to name the most populated cities in the United States and let’s just say the game goes better for one than the other. Watch it below:

Ellen Game of Games, Tuesdays, 9/8c, NBC