Wait Until You See ‘Second Chance’’s Wildest Interrogation Yet (VIDEO)

Second Chance

Suddenly, your kid wanting to get her nose pierced is going to seem quaint.

In tomorrow night’s Second Chance, Pritchard (Rob Kazinsky) and Duval (Tim DeKay) lead the hunt for a homicidal madman who is mutilating and disfiguring his victims. And apparently not just in the text-book, slice-and-dice manner, because their investigation leads them to Caleb the Widowmaker, a bartender with more body modification going on than all of the Real Housewives combined. Horns. Facial studs. Elfen ears. Dude is sporting the hottest look in WTF?! and he is not happy to be getting any kind of heat from our resurrected hero.

In this exclusive clip from the episode, Pritchard takes his life in his hands to question Caleb…and leaves holding something else, entirely.


Second Chance airs Friday at 9:01/8:01c on Fox.