‘Schitt’s Creek’ Holiday Special: Daniel & Eugene Levy Tease a Rose Family Flashback

Daniel Levy and Eugene Levy
George Pimentel/Getty Images)

Christmas comes to Schitt’s Creek for the first time ever! Well, as far as the Roses are concerned.

Four years after losing their fortune and relocating to the tiny town, Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), wife Moira (Catherine O’Hara) and their selfish kids David (Daniel Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy) attempt to have a jolly holiday, spurred on by Johnny’s nostalgia for their lavish parties of the past.

Cocreators, stars and real-life father and son Eugene and Daniel tell us how they brought the Yuletide spirit to the comedy.

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What have the holidays been like for the Roses these past few years in Schitt’s Creek?

Eugene Levy: Not a bundle of fun!

Daniel Levy: I think they tried to carry on [by] sleeping and just hoping that the day comes and goes.

Eugene: [There was] a lot of energy put into ignoring it!

So, why do a holiday special now?

Daniel: Holiday episodes rely on an audience having an intimate understanding of the show. If we were to tell this story any other season, it wouldn’t have worked as well because part of it is playing off of the intimacy that the audience has with the characters.

The special includes the show’s first flashback, to a Christmas party the Roses threw in better days.

Eugene: The Roses are always referring to parties they went to, and to actually be there for one of these lavish [affairs] was the best way to incorporate a flashback.

Daniel: We felt that this would be a great opportunity to give the audience something they’ve never seen.

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David resents that Johnny makes a big deal about Christmas when he is, in fact, Jewish.

Eugene: [Laughs] A lot of that might have been borrowed from real life. I tend to get excited over the holidays.…

Are you a sucker for Christmas?

Eugene: Oh, yeah! I will watch Hallmark for three nights just to get my fill. The idea of peace on earth is something to be celebrated!

Schitt’s Creek Holiday Special, Wednesday, December 19, 10/9c, Pop