ABC's 'NYPD Blue' Sequel Series Will Kill Off an Iconic Character

Meaghan Darwish
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ABC is giving another former favorite the revival treatment as they revealed plans for an NYPD Blue sequel.

Instead of following the show's original characters, it will focus on the son of Dennis Franz's character Sgt. Andy Sipowicz. The character of Theo Sipowicz has yet to be cast, Deadline reports. The new iteration will be helmed by former NYPD Blue writers Matt Olmstead and Nick Wootton as well as director Jesse Bochco — the son of the late Stephen Bochco who was the series creator.

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Fans of the original may be shocked to hear that the show intends to kill off the beloved Sipowicz while his son is working towards earning his detective shield. The younger Sipowicz will work with the 15th squad as he investigates his father's murder. Franz's iconic character, known for being a tough and gruff cop who hit the booze pretty often, was the heart of the original series.

The sequel series will also feature a whole new group of cops alongside Theo, but it does leave the door open for former stars to stop by.

1999 Dennis Franz star in year 6 of the tv series "NYPD Blue."

Dennis Franz as Andy Sipowicz

Franz, who won three Emmys for his leading role, was reportedly approached about the new series. "I did receive a call, and I’m flattered but not interested," he said in a statement. "NYPD Blue was a high point in my life and career, and I think of it so fondly. I wish them all well and much success."

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Theo's role originated during the show's first run — he's Sipowicz's son with Assistant District Attorney Sylvia Costas (Sharon Lawrence) who was killed in Season 6 when her son was still little. Child actor Austin Majors portrayed Theo for the remainder of the show after Season 6.

Prior to Grey's Anatomy's recent milestone of 15 seasons, NYPD Blue had held the record for the longest-running drama on ABC and won a respective 20 Emmys during its run.