Could Jack Still Follow Lucifer’s Path? ‘Supernatural’ Star Alexander Calvert Weighs In

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Supernatural fans first met Jack the half-angel, half-human Nephilim, played by Alexander Calvert, in the Season 12 finale.

Since then, the 28-year-old Canadian actor has become a series regular on the CW series and a fan favorite among those dedicated to Dean and Sam Winchester (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, respectively) and Castiel (Misha Collins). But it’s not all smooth sailing ahead for the youngest member of the crew.

Below, Calvert previews Jack’s struggles in Season 14 and his feelings about being part of the Supernatural family.

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In the Season 13 finale, Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) steals Jack’s grace, therefore his power. Now Lucifer’s dead and Jack’s sort of human. What is his struggle this season?

Alexander Calvert: How to be a human. When he was first introduced to the world, he had the struggle of being a Nephilim — a half-angel, half-human — and now, because his grace has been stripped away, he’s dealing with the fact that he’s normal… regular, no powers, can’t read minds, can’t heal, can’t “force push.” He has to be like everyone else, which has been tough on him.

The next step will be him reassessing his identity. Last season by the end, he really had a role, protecting the hunters, that he was good at. He knew where he fit in the group. And then, to have to reassess and figure out where you fit in the group all over again, is the biggest thing for him right now.

Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer and Alexander Calvert as Jack (Dean Buscher/The CW)

Who’s helping him through his transformation?

Everybody takes Jack under their wing. I have some really nice stuff in the first episode where I’m training with Bobby (Jim Beaver) to be a hunter and help fight for Dean [after Alternate World archangel Michael possessed Dean’s body]. Although Jack’s powers were removed, he wants to help out. So he’s been training with Bobby, learning some combat, even though that doesn’t go super well. Sam continues to support Jack and, as always, there’s that kind of special connection with Cas, who’s able to understand where Jack’s coming from. Even Dean will help, eventually.

Before he disappeared, Dean was the person who most didn’t want Jack around because he is, after all, Lucifer’s son.

Yes, but as we’ve seen throughout the seasons, Dean has a hard exterior but he does care underneath all that.

How does the Cas/Jack bond evolve?

I hesitate to use the “father-son” thing, because I think a lot of people feel like the brothers and Cas are all kind of his fathers. The thing I’m going with right now is a series of uncles that are like, “Ah, we’ll show you how!”

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Does Jack really feel a part of this monster-hunting family this season?

Yeah, I think what we saw in last season’s finale was Jack’s rejection of his own father when Lucifer betrays him, and I think that was the biggest confirmation for Jack where his family truly is. Not necessarily where his blood is, but who really cares about [him].

Last season, he seemed to develop feelings for alt world hunter Maggie (Katherine Evans), whom his father had killed and then reluctantly resurrected at Jack’s demand. Will they get closer?

Jack defended Maggie out of loyalty to the group. When we saw him go after what he thought was someone hurting Maggie, he was doing that purely out of that loyalty. That was the biggest thing for him, being a protector. He had that role last season, whereas now, he’s forced to have a new role, which he’s struggling with.

Katherine Evans as Maggie, Alexander Calvert as Jack, Misha Collins as Castiel and Jared Padalecki as Sam (Bettina Strauss/The CW)

Without the powers, he’s less like Lucifer. Couldn’t that could keep him leaning toward the good side rather than the evil side of his parentage?

Yeah. Kind of the funny stuff this season has been Jack’s being human and being like, “This is kind of hard!” He can see how hard the boys have to work, as opposed to before when he could snap his fingers and magical things would happen. So, he’s seeing himself more in the brothers now, too. But he’s still the son of the devil, and we don’t entirely know which way he’s gonna go. That is still definitely a factor in Jack’s life.

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Could he be happy as a hunter?

I mean, are Dean and Sam happy? [Laughs] I think that’s the struggle of the show: there’s a responsibility that they have. What I like about this show and this family is that they have these little moments in between, where they remember why they’re there, why they’re doing it. Jack definitely has moments of joy and happiness along the way, though.

You’ve become a part of the Winchester and Castiel family on screen. Do you feel that way on set with the cast?

I’m still the number one prank target. I got dog-piled this morning! Sam, Dean and Cas were supposed to come in and check on me, but instead the actors all piled up on top of me like I was a running back in football. It’s a little more comfortable coming back for a second season, though. But the guys have been on the show for 10 to 14 years! You know, two years [compared to] 14 years is nothing. Like my character, I’m still very new in this world!

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