‘Great White Abyss’ Explorers Search for Megasharks

Great White Abyss

Beachgoers are wary of sharks near the surface, but Great White Abyss executive producer Michael Sorensen is interested in the ones lurking down below. “Sharks are known as coastal surface predators, but only because it’s the easiest place to observe them,” he says.

In this Shark Week entry, diving expert Jimi Partington, animal expert Brandon McMillan and Dr. Mauricio Hoyos (who caught footage of the largest great white to date, a female named Deep Blue) travel to Guadalupe in search of megasharks near the ocean floor.

“It’s kind of like walking on the moon for the first time,” notes McMillan during the special.

The effort required a modified deep-sea cage and a pressurized submarine that can dive 1,500 feet. In one terrifying moment, the sub gets caught up in a feeding frenzy and, says Sorensen, becomes “part of the food chain.” Yum?

Great White Abyss, Monday, July 23, 9/8c, Discovery