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Letterkenny - K. Trevor Wilson, Nathan Dales, Jared Keeso


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Orange Is the New Black
Season PremiereSeason 6, Friday, July 27
The new season of the hit prison drama opens just one week after the riot police raided Litchfield and shut it down. Where will the inmates end up? Well, they’re on their way to a new jail that might be even worse.

A Very Secret Service
Season Premiere Season 2, Monday, July 30
Recently inducted into the French secret service, new spy André Merlaux (Hugo Becker) is suave, sophisticated and sexy — plus a little goofy, which is why he fits in so well with his fellow Cold War spooks. As this delightfully droll, 1960s-set comedy returns, the would-be Jacques Bond has his hands full trying to keep France safe and struggling to keep up with the ever-changing mod times.

Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial
Stand-Up Premiere Tuesday, July 24
In her latest comedy special, the 2008 Last Comic Standing winner and host of Freeform’s 2017 late-night talk show Truth & Iliza ponders life at the ripe old age of 35. Her keen observations cover getting engaged, getting older and life in these times.

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Like Father
Movie Premiere Friday, Aug. 3
Overworked Rachel (Kristen Bell) could use a break. She’s just been dumped by her fiancé (at the altar… ouch) and her dad, who abandoned her when she was 5, is trying to make amends. This might be the right time for a getaway cruise — which happens to be the trip she had booked for her honeymoon. Unfortunately, after way too many drinks, Rachel invites her estranged father to join her on board. (That’s going to be a little awkward when she sobers up.) Add in a rebound romance with one of the ship’s passengers (Seth Rogen) and you’ve got a classic rom-com itinerary.

The Worst Witch
Season PremiereSeason 2, Friday, July 27
In Season 1, accident-prone Mildred Hubble (Bella Ramsey) earned admittance to Miss Cackle’s witchcraft school, though she didn’t have a magical heritage. Now that she’s proven she belongs, Mildred and her friends (Dagny Rollins, Tamara Smart and Megan Hughes) are back to face new challenges as the former keeps learning her way with a wand.

The Warning Movie
Premiere Tuesday, July 24
This Spanish thriller jumps between 2008 and 2018 in a mathematical mystery that could add up to death for an innocent child. Jon (Raúl Arévalo), a numbers genius with a mental disorder, sees a friend get shot at a gas station in what seems to be a random act of violence. But, if Jon’s theory is correct, the crime is really part of a complex, sinister formula. Ten years later, a young boy may end up a victim in the exact same spot, something Jon is determined to prevent.

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Roman Empire: Reign of Blood: Master of Rome
Season Premiere
Season 2, Friday, July 27
All hail Caesar! The rise (and inevitable fall) of the legendary Roman is retold in the new season of this inventive series, which cleverly mixes documentary-style narration and commentary from scholarly experts along with riveting reenactments k,m. The result is a unique storytelling blend that makes learning history a lot of fun. In its first season, the series chronicled Commodus’s ascent to the throne after the death of Marcus Aurelius in the 2nd century. Now it jumps back to the 1st century BC to give the headstrong Caesar his due as his military and political strategies help birth the Roman Empire. Expect conniving as Caesar builds up this government. And, as the show’s title warns, there will be blood.

Movie Premiere Friday, July 27
He sees dead people — and a horde of marauding aliens too. Ant-Man’s Michael Peña stars as Peter, a devoted husband and father (Masters of Sex’s Lizzie Caplan plays his loving wife) plagued by nightmares of an otherworldly invasion that destroys his family. But these are more than just harmless dreams. When an attack begins in real life and his visions start coming true, Peter discovers how he may be the key to saving the planet from its imminent destruction.

July 29

The Den
A young woman (Melanie Papalia) witnesses a murder through her computer’s webcam, and now the killer is after her.

July 30

A Cinderella Story
It’s a fairy tale for the modern age. A teen (Hilary Duff) who toils at her stepmom’s diner finds love with a charming guy (Chad Michael Murray).

Hurricane of Fun: The Making of Wet Hot
Enjoy behind-the-scenes laughs with Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler as they shoot the 2001 comedy Wet Hot American Summer.

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Amazon Prime Video

What’s New

Eat. Race. Win
Friday, July 27
It takes a lot of guts to tackle the three-week, 2,200-mile Tour de France. And for those who undertake the grueling test of strength and endurance, something has to fuel those guts. Enter Hannah Grant, a “performance chef” who supplies nutrient-rich meals to members of the Orica-Scott cycling team (including Simon Yates, who finished seventh in 2017). This documentary peeks behind the scenes as Grant races to source food and fill the athletes’ bellies.

New Series
Season 1, Available now
Seven successful comics mentor 10 promising newcomers in this stand-up competition from India. Each episode, the contestants try their hand — and ply their best jokes — in different forms, like improv or sketches. The goal: Make it to the final round and prove to be India’s next top comic.

Tumble Leaf
Season Premiere
Season 4, Tuesday, July 24
Fig the blue fox is just one of the colorful characters in this Emmy-winning stop-motion animated romp for the preschool set. With his caterpillar friend Stick, Fig teaches science and other founding principles using everyday objects, with mesmerizing results.

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What’s New

Season Premiere
Season 4, Tuesday, July 31
The offbeat, underrated comedy about dysfunctional siblings Alex (Tommy Dewey) and Val (Michaela Watkins) returns for its farewell season. We’re eager to see how Alex will handle becoming a father, not to mention whether Val will reconcile her differences with daughter Laura (Tara Lynne Barr).

New Series
Seasons 1 and 2, Available now
Welcome, eh! Meet some of our neighbors to the north in this witty import about small-town friends Dan (K. Trevor Wilson), Daryl (Nathan Dales) and Wayne (creator Jared Keeso), who live in rural Canada. Episodes generally focus on their everyday observations — equal parts hilarious and foul-mouthed — about life in a town of 5,000 people… many of whom drive the protagonists nuts.

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Facebook Watch

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New Episode
Season 2, Episode 6,Sunday, July 29
Now set in New York, the charming dramedy explores dating, identity and relationships with twentysomethings Isobel (Zoe Chao) and her best friend, Cam (Meredith Hagner).

Sacred Lies
Season Premiere
Friday, July 27
Former cult member Minnow Bly (Elena Kampouris) emerges from a Montana forest and commits a violent act that sends her to juvenile detention. But the real mystery is who cut off her hands, and why?

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YouTube Premium

What’s New

Season Premiere
Wednesday, July 25
Sometimes you’ve got to take chances — and swipe right. American Housewife’s Carly Craig leads the comedy’s cast as Olivia, who decides to really lean in to the online-dating scene by meeting each guy she matches with. Will she find true love? Or only messed-up men who carry enough baggage to fill up LAX? (It’s looking like the latter.) Actors playing potential suitors include The Mindy Project’s Bryan Greenberg and Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey. Plus, Rosanna Arquette steals scenes as Olivia’s bawdy mother.


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The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco
Series Premiere Thursday, July 26
Popular British murder-mystery show The Bletchley Circle, about former World War II code breakers who apply their skills to solving crimes, resurfaces as a new original U.S.-based series. Sleuths Millie (Rachael Stirling) and Jean (Julie Graham) team with two American code-breaking counterparts to hunt an English serial killer who has started a spree in California.

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What’s New

Bright Colors and Bold Patterns
Available now
Drew Droege wrote and starred in this hilarious, touching one-man show that culminates in a poignant gut punch of revelations about friendship and love. Droege is a bundle of pent-up energy and emotion as Gerry, a middle-aged gay man who gets loaded the night before the wedding of two friends. Staying at a house in Palm Springs, Gerry drops more and more truth bombs as the evening wears on, with withering barbs lurking behind the funny observations.