The 7 Best Songs of ‘Galavant’’s Run (Thus Far)

Nick Ray/ABC
GALAVANT - "The One True King (To Unite Them All)" - Under Madalena and Wormwood's spell, the zombie army revolt against Galavant and company, until Sid arrives with an unlikely army of his own. Galavant, Gareth, and Sid's army battle the Zombies while Isabella fights Madalena. Meanwhile, Richard goes after Wormwood, who attacks Tad Cooper, which provokes Richard to perform a (nearly) heroic act. Elsewhere, Gareth tries to reason with Madalena, but she is driven to learn how to use her newly acquired dark magic. At the end of the day, who will get their happily ever after on "Galavant"? The episode airs SUNDAY, JANUARY 31 (8:30--9:00 p.m. EST) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Nick Ray) KAREN DAVID, WEIRD AL YANKOVIC, JOSHUA SASSE

While millions across the country tuned in Sunday night to watch Sandy change herself for a man on Fox’s Grease: Live, the woefully underrated musical comedy Galavant was quietly concluding its second season at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s highly likely that the second season was also its last. The show, which struggled to acquire good ratings last season, dipped even further this season—with a small .5 in the key demo last week.

Then again, no one could have guessed that the show would have been picked up for Season 2 in the first place, so perhaps another season is in store? Third time’s the charm? Either way, let’s take a look back at the songs from the past two seasons—expertly crafted by Disney legend Alan Menken—that we’ll be singing for years to come.

“Today We Rise”

The show has often parodied iconic musicals, including West Side Story and Grease—but this Les Miserables-inspired number from Season 2 stands on its own. The opposite of inspirational, the song gives you the rational battle cry you never knew you needed.

Best line: “Tomorrow we’ll regret it, / but today we rise!”

“If I Could Share My Life With You”

In the first season, downstairs lifers Chef (Darren Evans) and Gwynne (Downton Abbey‘s Sophie McSheera) attempt to dream big in their small little world in this enchanting gem. Surprisingly sweet in its gravity, the song makes a very strong case for embracing the now.

Best line: “We could have a dozen kids / and maybe one won’t die!”

“If I Were a Jolly Blacksmith”

King Richard (Timothy Omundson) attempts to find his purpose in life in Season 2 as he considers possible careers, essentially singing the life story of every rich kid who got a B.A. in English. Bonus points for basically being Fiddler on the Roof’s “If I Were a Rich Man” in reverse.

Best line: “I would hit the thing with the other thing, / ‘til I made a different thing!”

“Off With His Shirt”

The fact that the show was able to book international pop legend Kylie Minogue may have made your jaw drop, but a quick Google search reveals—WHAT—Joshua Sasse (who plays Galavant) is her real-life man. With that knowledge at your fingertips, the Season 2 disco number, in which Minogue serves as the thirsty grande dame of a gay bar, is even better.

Best line: “Off with his shirt (yeah!) / that’s the deal / you’re a beefcake happy meal.”

“Build a New Tomorrow”

One of the series’ best uses of satire during this season, “Build a New Tomorrow” celebrates the noble idea of a democracy where everyone gets a vote—well, everyone who is white, straight, male and wealthy.

Best line: “Every person counts the same / except of course the lame and the lepers and the gingers and the witches and the heathens and the bastards and the gypsies and the commies and the hippies!”

“Maybe You’re Not the Worst Thing Ever”

The least romantic love song ever since Frozen’s “Love is an Open Door,” the Season 1 melody “Maybe” sees two seemingly-doomed couples attempt to find the silver lining to their rain clouds. Underneath the laugh-out-loud jabs is a very relatable truth—sometimes the only thing getting in the way of your happiness is you.

Best line: “You’re worse than crabs / worse than scurvy.”


The titular theme song (of sorts) was repeated (partially) throughout the series, but nothing can top the original. In two minutes and 22 seconds, it created an entire world, provided the story’s exposition in a pretty package and laid out the show’s quirky tone clearly. If that weren’t enough, the song is also an utter earworm. Go ahead and try not to sing along to those triumphant final three notes: “Gaalll-uhhhh-vaaaaant!”

Best line: “Yay! He ruled in every way!”