How ‘Roseanne’ Cast Members Have Responded to the Cancellation & Controversy (So Far)

ABC/Adam Rose

Roseanne Barr’s TV husband, John Goodman (aka Dan Conner), is keeping mum about Roseanne being cancelled by ABC after the actress’ racist tweet.

The veteran actor lightly addressed the fiasco when an Entertainment Tonight videographer caught up with him. “It’s not that I disrespect you guys. I would rather say nothing than to cause more trouble,” he said.

With Goodman at least referencing the situation, almost the entire main cast has now addressed to some degree the public demise of the rebooted ABC show. Only Laurie Metcalf, who played Roseanne Conner’s sister, Jackie, has yet to comment on the cancellation.

Let’s break down what each cast member has said so far:

Sara Gilbert (Darlene)

Alicia Goranson (Becky)

“Devastated by the cancellation of @RoseanneOnABC,” the actress tweeted on Wednesday, May 30, after she made her profile public.

“But more devastating are the effects of hate speech and racism on individuals and society. Thank you for your support. And, in the spirit of our amazing crew, spread love not hate!”

Emma Kenney (Harris)

Michael Fishman (DJ)