This ‘Westworld’ Theory About Bernard & Teddy Will Blow Your Mind


We’re only three episodes into Westworld‘s second season and we already know there are multiple timelines and multiple parks. Thus, there are multiple fan theories circulating around the Internet.

One theory in particular caught our eye because it hasn’t been done on the show before — well, that we know of. A Reddit user is claiming that Teddy’s (James Marsden) mind has been transferred into Bernard’s (Jeffrey Wright) body or their consciousnesses have merged. This might sound crazy, but give it a chance.

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Let’s break it down:

First, we know from the premiere episode that the hosts’ brains are actually baseball-size orbs surrounded by a clear jelly inside the skull. They can be uploaded or removed, and the hosts’ consciousnesses are stored there.

Second, the blending of personalities has already happened to Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). Her previous narrative, Wyatt, is coming forth and she chooses to switch between the two.

Third, at the end of the of the first episode, Bernard looks out at the lake filled with floating murdered hosts, and this is what the Reddit user theorizes:

“I killed them, all of them” – well isn’t that Teddy’s whole Season 1 arc? Killing all the other hosts on Dolores’ behalf is what Teddy does. That guilt is his cornerstone. And that long shot at the end is Bernard fixating on Teddy Flood’s drowned corpse? (Yup, Flood, literally the instrument of an angry god who wants to scrub the world clean of his creations.”

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Bernard is confused and doesn’t remember mass murdering the hosts. Then, the camera zooms in on Teddy’s body floating in the water… symbolic? We’ll find out. (Side note: Bernard in this timeline isn’t wearing his glasses which is a key accessory of the programmer.)

Fourth, there may be a clue in the spoof video released by co-creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Bernard is shown waking up on the same train as Teddy does in his character loop.

Could all of these clues just be a coincidence or can hosts’ minds bounce from one body to another?

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