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'Superstore' Episode 12 Sneak Peek: Mateo Offers Amy Tough Love (VIDEO)

Nichole Bloom as Cheyenne, Nico Santos as Mateo, America Ferrera as Amy in Superstore "Groundhog Day"

Superstore's Amy (America Ferrera) may slowly be getting back in the dating game, but her colleagues don't exactly have the most faith in her.

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Really, who thought TV's weepiest drama was a post-Super Bowl fit?

In Thursday's new episode (the last before they break for the Winter Olympics), Mateo (Nico Santos) assesses Amy with some "gay man tough love" about her dings (divorced, has a kid, over 30) and compares her to some of her coworkers. And poor Amy does not like what he has to say.

Check out the exclusive scene:

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