What’s Streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime? ‘Grace and Frankie’, ‘The Path’ and More

Grace And Frankie - Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Lisa Kudrow


Somebody Feed Phil
Series Premiere Friday, Jan. 12
Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal’s epicurean PBS travel show, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having, moves to Netflix with a new title. The latest batch of episodes follows him on a tasting tour of Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Saigon, Mexico City, New Orleans and Bangkok.

The Polka King
Movie Premiere Friday, Jan. 12
Jack Black (above, with Jenny Slate) stars as real-life “Polka King of Pennsylvania” Jan Lewan. The former tchotchke store owner built an international polka empire (we kid you not), earned a Grammy nomination and befriended Pope John Paul II before ultimately being jailed for a Ponzi scheme.

Grace and Frankie
Season Premiere Season 4, Friday, Jan. 19
Getting back on the dating scene (not to mention having sex) is difficult enough without bad knees! Best friends Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) deal with the physical implications of old age when the comedy returns. Also creeping up on them: Grace’s manicurist, Sheree (recurring guest star Lisa Kudrow, above right, with Tomlin and Fonda), who’s got no shame when it comes to wearing bright pink—or being the third wheel.

The Open House
Movie Premiere Friday, Jan. 19
Who doesn’t check for monsters before putting the down payment on a house? A teen (13 Reasons Why breakout Dylan Minnette) and his mother discover something is awry in their new abode. And it’s not the plumbing.

Tiempos de Guerra
Series Premiere Thursday, Jan. 18

A group of hot doctors and nurses prove there is always tiempo for sex, love and intrigue in this Spanish-language period soap about the medical corps attending to wounded soldiers fighting for the empire in Morocco circa 1921.


New Season Available now
Rejoice, fans of the U.K. crime series featuring Brenda Blethyn as a curmudgeonly Northern English detective inspector! Starting January 7, BritBox is streaming new Season 8 episodes every week—watch Vera take on corrupt cops—the same day they air abroad.

Season 1, Part 2, Friday, Jan. 12
Pot dispensary owner Ruth (Kathy Bates, above) is back, but her bud isn’t, thanks to the DEA, which seized her supply in the midseason finale. Can she restock and keep her store afloat? It’s not like you can grow that stuff in your backyard…

Amazon Prime

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams
Series Premiere Friday, Jan. 12
Life is stylishly bleak in this 10-episode sci-fi anthology of author Dick’s dystopian short stories. Don’t miss: Geraldine Chaplin (above) as a space tourist who wants to return to Earth and Bryan Cranston as an abusive husband who’s changed by his experience in a futuristic war.

Just Add Magic
MidSeason Premiere Season 2b, Friday, Jan. 19
From one boy problem to the next. Kelly (Olivia Sanabia, above), Darby (Abby Donnelly) and Hannah (Aubrey K. Miller) may no longer have an enemy in evil 147-year-old Chuck Hankins (Charles Pfeizer), but who was that guy watching them from the window at the end of the last episode? That’s not something good guys do.


The Path
Season Premiere Season 3, Wednesday, Jan. 17
Freida Pinto joins the cast as Vera, the Meyerist Movement’s smarmy new publicist, whose new connection with Eddie (Aaron Paul, below) could be based more on personal gain (hers) than mutual attraction. Seriously, though, who doesn’t want to get close to a man who now goes by the title “Guardian of the Light,” performs miracles online and is well on his way to becoming cult leader? Is he on Tinder?


Season Premiere Season 3, Monday, Jan. 15
The final season of the British comedy about Andy (Mackenzie Crook) and Lance (Toby Jones, below left, with Crook)—two friends who spend their days searching the Northern Essex fields for gold with metal detectors—finds the duo becoming unlikely eco-warriors as they fight to save an oak tree.


Cat People
Available now
Jacques Tourneur’s stylish 1942 horror film about a New York City–based Serbian fashion designer (Simone Simon, above) who thinks she may be turning into a cat in heat still scares. And that’s even if you don’t appreciate the psychosexual undertones. There’s this scene involving a lone woman swimmer, a pool and a panther…and let’s just say, once you see it, you’ll never want to dive into water again.