First Look: Carol Goes Christmas Crazy on ‘Great News’ (VIDEO)

Andrea Martin in the 'A Christmas Carol' episode of Great News - Season 2
Bill Inoshita/NBC
Andrea Martin in the "A Christmas Carol" episode of Great News

We’re in the holiday home stretch, and with just days left before St. Nick’s big night, Great News is engaging in that classic TV tradition of sending up “A Christmas Carol” this week.

But in the case of what so many have deemed “the new 30 Rock,” the newsroom comedy is mixing things up by giving Carol (Andrea Martin) a Dickens of an awakening about her excessive Christmas spirit. That’s right, she is the anti-Scrooge and it’s been driving folks insane since Katie (Briga Heelan) was a kid, as seen in this exclusive supercut from the episode’s opening moments.

Now, of course we do agree with Carol about the reindeer poop; Twix and Tootsie Rolls work way better than Hersey Kisses. But still, she might want to ease up on the festive tyranny. After all, she’s gonna need some of that energy for Arbor Day and Pudding Day (which, BTW, should totally be a thing).

And if a Yule-themed outing isn’t enough to rock your stockings, we have some more, um, great news: A second original episode will air right after this one. Guess we’ve made Santa’s Good list this year, huh?

Great News, Thursday, 8/7c, NBC