Class Is Back in Session! Meet the New ‘Saved by the Bell’ Cast (Video)


Thanksgiving may not be doing OK this year, but at least our TV bingeing can be Saved by the Bell (see what we did there?).

The impressive reimagining of the ’90s classic just dropped on Peacock and we gotta say, Bayside has never looked better. Or been funnier. Thanks to executive producer Tracey Wigfield (who created the painfully underrated Great News), the new version has a sharper wit than one would expect from a property best known these days for a caffeine-pill meme, and an ensemble that fits nicely amongst the thoughtful sprinkling of appearances by characters from the O.G. Bell.


Ahead of its premiere, we chatted with obvious Fountain of Youth bather Mario Lopez, back strutting the halls of his old high school as A.C. Slater — now the gym coach — along with newbies Mitchell Hoog (who plays Zack Morris’ kid Mac), Champions alum Josie Totah (breakout scream Lexi), Dexter Darden (transfer student Devante), Belmont Cameli (Jessie Spano’s studly dim son, Jamie), Wigfield, and fellow EP Franco Bario about bringing Bayside to a new audience, why it makes sense to reboot SBTB now, and how all of these characters come together. Hint: It all goes back to a prank.

And don’t worry, there are no spoilers here, so if you haven’t devoured the entire first season already it’s save to click play. Enjoy!

Saved by the Bell, Streaming Premiere, Wednesday, November 25, Peacock