‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom on Her Golden Globe Nomination: “At This Point, I’ve Won”

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Golden Globes - key artCrazy Ex-Girlfriend.

This morning, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association nominated the creator/executive producer/star of the CW’s freshman musical comedy Rachel Bloom for Best Actress in a TV Comedy or Musical. In the series, Bloom plays Rebecca Bunch, a successful New York lawyer who moves across the country to West Covina, Calif., in order to be closer to her childhood fling, Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III). She also has a tendency to break out into elaborate song and dance numbers as she adjusts to her new life on the west coast.

We spoke with Bloom following the announcement to get her reaction and discover which one of her fellow nominees she wants to arm wrestle for the trophy.

How did it feel this morning to wake up to a nomination?
Well, I didn’t wake up to the news. I woke up and watched the livestream. So I woke up to my own heart beating. Because I’ve been up for so long and didn’t get a ton of sleep; this does not feel real yet. I might still be half-asleep and dreaming.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend had a famously long development process, so what does a Golden Globe recognition in the middle of the first season mean to you?
It feels so good! We thought we had a dead pilot and then we got picked up by The CW, but we’re on a network so ratings are more emphasized. When you’re on a broadcast network, ratings are much more in the spotlight. So every Monday, I’m looking at the ratings to see how it’s doing, and the critics have been so supportive of the show, but this just feels so good, to get this esteemed official acknowledgement. It was something that I already knew, which is we’re making an amazing show and I’m so proud. I feel like a million bucks.

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Have you heard from your costars yet?
Umm, I haven’t. Good point. I’m actually looking at my phone right now because I’ve actually been on the phone with the very nice members of the press for the past hour and a have a bunch of missed texts, but nothing from the cast yet. But to be fair, it’s early, so they’re all still asleep, and I didn’t necessarily tell them all that Golden Globes stuff was being announced today, to not get everyone all nervous, so maybe they don’t know. But they better be texting me soon; otherwise, they’re going to get killed off! I’m kidding. My cast is amazing, I love them.

Who are you most excited to meet the night of the ceremony?
Everybody I’m nominated with. Lily Tomlin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jamie Lee Curtis. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Gina [Rodriguez] and I can’t wait to see her again. I think she and I should just arm wrestle for it. These are women who are just my heroes, so I’m really excited that I’m being mentioned in the same breath as they are. But at this point, I’ve won. Just being nominated, it’s so gratifying and it’s so amazing. It’s obviously a huge achievement to get the award, but just to be nominated is so important for me and for the show. Everyone in the category is so amazing.

What can we expect when the first season resumes on January 25?
The theme of the first season in general is the lies we tell ourselves. And that’s not only for Rebecca, but every character. And so it’s going to be characters coming to terms with things about themselves they’ve been in denial about, including Rebecca. Expect the show to get more real and sadder, and for the stakes to get higher.

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