4 Things to Expect When Duke Returns to ‘Haven’ (and Nathan Preps to Leave)


As the race to cure the Troubles continues, Thursday’s episode of Haven will see Nathan (Lucas Bryant) enter the void to retrieve another ingredient required to rebuild the barn. Thankfully, Audrey (Emily Rose) won’t be left without back-up as Duke (Eric Balfour) finally returns to town.

With everyone’s favorite Haven-ites about to face everything from angry Troubled people to Croatoan himself, we caught up with showrunners Matt McGuinness and Gabrielle Stanton about what to expect.

The void is home to a few familiar faces. Nathan will run into William (Colin Ferguson) once again, but Mara’s ex-lover isn’t the only one calling the Void “home” right now. “[Nathan] actually runs into two very unexpected people,” says Stanton. “Both will help and hinder his mission to get the barn controller out of the void.”

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Not everyone is excited to see Duke again, except for…Nathan? “Nathan sent for him, [so] he is very excited to see him,” says Stanton, about the trio’s upcoming reunion. “[But] Duke is definitely not being welcomed with open arms by everyone.” And if things couldn’t get tougher for the haunted Crocker, McGuinness says that “Duke is still wrestling his ‘demons,’ and will continue to for a little while.”

Even Audrey doesn’t give Duke a warm welcome. “She’s a little ambivalent when he returns because she does blame him for deserting them,” says Stanton. “Even Nathan is surprised.” Part of that has to do with how both of their Troubles (or lack thereof) have a big role to play in the future of the town. “There’s a commonality to Audrey and Duke that bonds them,” says McGuinness. “They’re both trying to understand who they really are, how they got that way and what their purpose is in life more than most Troubled people, who are regular people with these afflictions—including Nathan. [So] there’s a kindred spirit-ness between the two of them. They’re both learning how fundamental to the mythology of Haven they are.”

Not even Croatoan can’t get between Vince and Dave. “Vince’s relationship with Dave runs deep,” explains McGuinness, of the Teague’s brotherly bond. “Because of the town that they grew up in and the way they had to manage things throughout their lives, [Croatoan possessing Dave hasn’t] affected Vince’s affection for his brother at all.” However, the pair will be tested when Dwight (Adam Copeland) joins forces with Vince to help Dave kick Croatoan out of his mind. Adds Stanton. “Vince is willing to do anything to save his brother.”

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