‘The Walking Dead’: Lauren Cohan on Maggie’s New Journey, Glenn’s Fate and the Road Ahead

Maggie and sewer zombie on The Walking Dead
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A special delivery is heading to AMC’s The Walking Dead.

On Sunday’s episode, viewers learned that survivor Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) is pregnant. However, her husband Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) was still missing outside the Alexandria Safe Zone, which is now surrounded by hundreds of ravenous zombies.

While many Alexandrians resigned themselves to the fact that those outside the gates were lost forever, Maggie sprang into action and set off to find Glenn for herself. With the help of tracker Aaron (Ross Marquand), Maggie ventured through the community’s underground sewers before the two hit a dead end riddled with undead.

We spoke to Cohan about how the pregnancy will affect Maggie’s decision-making going forward and how she has been personally dealing with the ambiguity surrounding Glenn’s fate.

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Why does Maggie still hold out hope for Glenn’s return?
It would be out of character for her to give up. She lost [her father] Hershel (Scott Wilson), [her half-sister] Beth (Emily Kinney) and, potentially, Glenn in what actually is just a couple of months. It’s going to take a lot more proof for this woman to believe that [Glenn is dead]. And now with the possibility of them having a child, she’s not going without a fight.

If Glenn is indeed dead, how does Maggie find the strength to go on?
There is just a faith in her. Things have happened, but life is still possible and necessary. It isn’t her choice to give up, it’s just not in her mind and in her belief system. She just isn’t wired that way.

Walking Dead Aaron - Ross Marquand


Aaron insists on helping Maggie find Glenn. How would you describe the bond between them?
Ultimately, why she lets Aaron come with her is that he needs it as much as she does. She’s not allowing or encouraging him to take a risk on her behalf. It’s because he needs it, too. Everybody is making their own decisions and there is an understanding between the two of them. They are both on a path of guilt and they need to make it right in whatever way they can.

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Aaron is also the first to recognize Maggie’s pregnancy. How long has she known, and did Glenn know before he left Alexandria?
Glenn and Maggie actually have this little whispered moment right at the beginning of the season when he decides to go and she stays in Alexandria. She stays both because of her pregnancy and to be there for [Alexandria’s leader] Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh). If things were different, maybe she would have gone with him.

How does Maggie’s pregnancy change her going forward?
She is so changed by the pregnancy and by everything that happens this season. Motherhood is the most epic of all journeys, and I have definitely enjoyed just pretending to begin that journey. This is something that I’ve been waiting to see for Maggie and Glenn. We touched upon it in Season 3 when they thought they were pregnant for a moment, so now getting to explore it feels very right. I’m really excited for people to come along for the journey.

Steven Yeun The Walking Dead Season 6


Glenn’s fate is still unknown, but it’s created a lot of chatter and theories among the show’s fans. What has this experience been like for you?
People’s reaction to the potential loss of Glenn isn’t television or entertainment. It’s so real and people are so affected and touched by this. It’s overwhelming in a negative emotional sense to receive that. The Walking Dead doesn’t mess around. He’s been the most beloved character and human, but the possibility of Glenn going, we can’t even start to think about it right now. People are destroyed. Last weekend, we all went to a convention and met fans. It was really crazy and emotional for them, like a funeral. I know what happens in these scripts because I read them ahead of time, but I still watch the show and scream at my television. But this is literally the tip of the iceberg. We’re going into the belly of the beast.

The Walking Dead, Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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