‘The Walking Dead’s Glenn Has a History of Close Calls With Death

Steven Yeun The Walking Dead Season 6
Gene Page/AMC

(Yes, spoilers ahead. But you guessed that from the headline.)

After Sunday’s gut-wrenching (sorry) episode, The Walking Dead‘s Glenn—our favorite pizza delivery boy/go-to-town guy/romantic husband of the zombie apocalypse—may or may not be dead. But in addition to all the other evidence in his favor, his long history of narrowly escaping death is surely a sign we might see him again.

Glenn The Walking Dead


Season 1: The Early Days

As the best scavenger of the initial group of survivors outside Atlanta, Glenn proves his mettle by taking the big risks when the group’s department store trip is interrupted by the appearance of Rick Grimes and a swarm of undead city-dwellers. Coating himself in guts and shuffling with the herd to get the truck that’ll get them to safety? Check. Returning to help save Merle and making the run for the dropped bag of guns? Check. Getting kidnapped by gangsters who turned out to be nursing home staff? Sure thing. Glenn made it through that first, brief season with barely a scratch.

Season 2: The Well

Glenn in the well

After arriving at the Greene’s farm, Glenn was still just the skinny kid carrying peaches and making trips to the town drug store for Lori’s lotion. So when someone had to be lowered into the well to help fish out a water-logged walker, he was the one to take the risk. But he got more than he bargained for when the water-pipe support snapped and sent him plummeting into the soggy monster’s clutches. Fortunately, the group hauled him out before he became a pool snack (though despite the terror, he still managed to rope the walker as planned.)

Season 2: The Bar Shootout

Glenn at the Bar

When Glenn and Rick head to town to retrieve an off-the-wagon Hershel at the local bar, an encounter with another group leads to a lot of gunfire. While sneaking out the back, Glenn collapses behind a dumpster after a hail of bullets; with only a sneaker visible, Hershel fears all is lost for his daughter’s new boyfriend. But wait! Turned out he was totally fine, just frozen in terror after the close call.

Season 3: One-Man Chair Fight

Glenn and Chair

The kidnapped (again) and tortured Glenn refuses to give up the goods on the group’s new prison, and ends up battling a walker thrown at him by Merle. While still duct tapped to a chair. That’s badass.

Season 3: The Non-Execution

Glenn and Maggie

Those chair heroics are short lived once the Woodbury crew drags Glenn and Maggie to their knees to be executed. But before the triggers are pulled, our band of survivors sails in to rescue them with smoke grenades and heavy artillery.

Season 4: The Flu

Glenn Choking with Flu

When the disgusting disease swept through the prison’s otherwise peaceful walls, Glenn got the worst of it. And wouldn’t it have been woefullt unfair to succumb to sickness after escaping the zombie plague and its subsequent monsters? Fortunately, Hershel and Maggie are able to intubate and resuscitate the blood-choking Glenn.

Season 4: The Prison Assault

Steven Yeun - The Walking Dead

When the Governor blasts the prison apart and sends our survivors scattering, Glenn finds himself still flu-ridden but in possession of enough armor to push through a crowd of hungry walkers before he finds Tara and starts his mission to reunite with Maggie.

Season 4: The Tunnel

Glenn in Tunnel

Still desperately seeking Maggie, Glenn finds himself swarmed in a caved-in tunnel with Tara. Seems pretty certain they’re both goners—until his wife and the rest of the gang appear to take out the walkers.

Season 5: Terminus

Glenn at Terminus

Lined up and ready to be butchered by the Terminus cannibals, Glenn comes within inches (literally) of death—saved only when the banal administrative work of murdering survivors for food interrupts.

Season 5: The Bus Crash


Abraham recruits Glenn and Maggie to his cause, but their D.C.-bound bus crashes after the group drives away from the church. Glenn (and the rest of them) manage to walk away mostly unscathed.

Season 5: Nighttime Walker Attack

Glenn The Walking Dead Season 5


A walker sneaks up on Glenn and tackles him to the ground during the group’s journey to Alexandria. Resourceful Glenn smashes his head into the ground.

Season 5: The Revolving Door


When the group’s trip for supplies goes awry, Glenn and Noah find themselves pinned in a revolving door. Their plan to escape despite the advancing walkers is ruined when Nicholas selfishly saves himself; Glenn manages to get away, but poor Noah was sent to an early grave. Goddamit, Nicholas!

Season 5: Nicholas


Glenn Fights Nicholas

Alexandria’s resident coward lures Glenn out into the woods for a to-the-death rumble that leaves our man pinned to the ground with an army of walkers chomping for his flesh. But Glenn escapes their snapping jaws just in time.

Season 6: The Dumpster?

Glenn and Nicholas Dumpster - The Walking Dead


It remains to be seen if Glenn will walk away after falling into the crush of walkers by the dumpster in Episode 3.